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The New World Translation (Revised 2013) Review

September 21, 2014 • New World Translation

  There are many Bibles that have extra learning aids like Timelines, Word Studies, Chain References, maps etc. and these are usually a good thing. They are there to help you understand the Bible better, to aid you in your research and to make you a more informed student of God’s Word. The revised New… Read More ›

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Who do You follow in order to be close with God?

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As a Christian did you ever stop and ask yourself, Who am I following? Do I feel free in my faith? Is God with me? Do I free trapped? Do I really believe that for whatever reason, I could just simply walk away from my faith and there would be no consequences? As most of… Read More ›

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Reasoning From The Scriptures Review – The Cross – By Ray Aldridge

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    While I was a practicing Jehovah’s witnesses it always puzzled me as to why practically all other beliefs confirmed that Jesus was crucified on a cross when it was so clear to us that it was a stake. At the time I never really fully critiqued this issue until recently, so felt it… Read More ›

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Introduction to Reasoning From the Scriptures

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The reasoning book was one of the best tools I used when I was a Jehovahs Witness. The idea behind this book was how to deal with certain subjects (such as the trinity, the cross, birthdays etc) when they came up on the ministry. The truth is that this means you never have to look… Read More ›

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What is the Jehovah’s Witness view of God the Father in Relation to Jehovah? By Jason Wright.


Ask a Jehovah’s witness who the Father is and the response will be “Jehovah God.” From an orthodox1 position we can whole-heartedly agree with them and end our article here. However to do so would be premature and naïve. As is often the case with pseudo Christian cults terminology may not necessarily equate to orthodoxy…. Read More ›

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Jehovah Witnesses – How to open their eyes to Truth by Ray Aldridge

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God’s Organisation Question If the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society are God’s Organization? We need to ask if this is true. Surrounding Info Watchtower April 1st 1972: “Jehovah has a prophet that he is using, it was identified as a body called the Bible Students of God and later was renamed God’s Faithful & Discreet… Read More ›

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What does the Bible really teach? Chapter 19 Review – Remain in Gods Love


Chapter 19 review – Remain in Gods Love So this is it! The last chapter in the book. They are hoping at this stage you are already baptised and now this is the advice for remaining in God’s love. The first thing in paragraph 2-3 is to “trust in God” – Amen! However when you get… Read More ›

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New World Translation (Revised 2013) – Review


Having recently met two Jehovah’s Witnesses, I was able to see at close quarters the ‘Silver Sword’. This is what the Witnesses affectionately call their Revised New World Translation. The Witnesses excitedly showed me their new Bible and were keen to tell me of all the helpful additions (research tools, maps and charts) and said… Read More ›


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