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Jesus on the Cross

I came across this today, this picture is from The Harp of God 1921, p113 which is an old Watchtower publication.

Watchtower 1989 May 1 p.23 says

“There are also inanimate objects that if venerated may lead to breaking God’s commandments. Among the most prominent is the cross. For centuries it has been used by people in Christendom as part of their worship.

… Soon God will execute his judgments against all false religions. Those who cling to them will suffer their fate.”

I wonder if the Watchtower was one of those false religions when it taught that Jesus was on the Cross?


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  1. For 41 years the JWs used the “Cross & Crown” logo, even wearing enamel badges of it. This Cross & Crown symbol appeared on all Zion’s Watch Tower magazines from January 1891 onwards but was only stopped after November 1931. So, for 41 years, they were happy and proud to acclaim the cross of Christ. Only in 1936 did Watchtower leaders take the stance that “the evidence indicates that Christ died on a stake, not a two-beamed cross.”

    They admit this in their “Proclaimers” book on page 200. They accepted the cross for 41 years without attributing anything pagan to it. Yet to listen to them now, you would think they have always condemned the cross as being pagan! They need to ask themselves how Jehovah could happily ‘allow’ them to promote this supposed ‘paganism’ for 41 years before shining ‘new light’ on the subject.

  2. On page 141 of the 1926 version of the Society’s aforementioned book, The Harp of God, the following is affirmed:
    The cross of Christ is the great pivotal truth of the divine arrangement, from which radiate the hopes of men. When all men come to a knowledge of this fact…When the grand finale is sung and all the harpers of heaven and earth unite in beautiful harmony…Then all can truly sing:
    “In the cross of Christ I glory,
    Tow’ring o’er the wrecks of time;
    All the light of sacred story
    Gathers round its head sublime.”

    Notice that the cross of Christ was once deemed to be “the great pivotal truth” a “fact” – which all men would one day realise. The Society had even predicted a time when “all can truly sing: In the cross of Christ I glory”; a time when “All the light of sacred story gathers round its head sublime.” Whatever happened to all this glorying in the cross of Christ? Well, the Church is not ashamed to Glory in the Cross of Christ, even if the Society has ditched the idea!

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