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Progressive Revelation and Jehovah’s Witnesses – by John Stickland

Having claimed to be God’s sole channel of truth to mankind on the earth, but with a record of years of failed prophecies and contradictions of teaching, the Watchtower today stands facing a crisis of credibility.
For some years however, to try to explain the failure, the verse of Proverbs 4:18, which is comparing the wicked and the righteous, has been taken from it’s context and applied to the revelation of knowledge.
‘But the path of the righteous is like the morning sun which shines brighter and brighter until the full light of day’.
This verse is presented to its critics by the Watchtower to explain to them that unlike the Old Testament prophets, divine revelations are given to them gradually over an extended period of time. This would mean that early pronouncements by them could be proved to be wrong by ‘later light’ received.

We are given this explanation then as Scriptural warrant for all the Watchtower’s false prophecy and teaching.

If we examine the claim more closely the following issues are raised.

1) Even taking Proverbs 4:18 out of it’s context there is no possibility it could be saying that truth revealed on one day should not still be truth on another day.
2) Looking at it logically, how can a prophecy or teaching be truth yesterday and error today?
3) It is very obvious that ‘old light’ given previously must clearly have been darkness when it contradicts ‘new teaching’.
4) How can the Watchtower be certain of any of its doctrines (for example their denial of the Trinity) when ‘new light’ at any time could show any one of them to be in error?
5) God was clearly able to pass on accurately and without fail His prophecies to the Old Testament prophets. If the Watchtower has now replaced them how is it that God has never since been able to do this?

This raises the question – where did these prophecies and this teaching actually come from?
Looking through Watchtower publications over the years we discover that those responsible for pronouncements and teaching at the WT headquarters operate under what they call angelic direction and support (see references below).    This was also further confirmed by the report of the proceedings at the Court of Session, Edinburgh on November 23rd 1954.   The reported testimony here of F W Franz the Society Vice President was that Witnesses believed in angels of different ranks who controlled Witnesses.     WT publications confirm that these are invisible to humans.

In view of the foregoing we have to ask the question – who are these spirit beings, whose admitted guidance and control has led the Watchtower organisation to consistently issue false prophecy and teaching?

This is the question that all individual followers of the organisation have an urgent need to resolve for themselves.

(References : Vindication vol.3 1931 page 250, The WT Feb.15th 1936 page 52, Light vol.1 1930 page 106 & at 218, Light vol. 2 1930 page 20, The WT April 1st 1972 page 200


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