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The Divinity of Jesus……………….. by John Stickland

The Old and New Testaments of the Bible together confirm the divinity of Jesus – that He is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit in the Godhead.
Unfortunately there are some who take verses from either their immediate context or that of the subject as a whole to try to prove otherwise. The weight of the following Scriptures removes any doubt on the issue. They also provide a useful resource for those in need of Scriptural evidence on this key subject, but who have not had the occasion or the time to look into the Scriptures in detail.
In particular I heartily commend these Scriptures to those followers of the Jehovah’s Witness organization whose only experience of Bible study has been through what they understand to be light given by Watchtower book studies.

Jesus is God – One with the Father
One with God and spoken of as God


The First and the Last. Isa. 44:6. with Rev. 1:17. Isa. 48:12 with Rev. 22:13.
Both “I AM” Exodus 3:14 with John 8:58
Saviour. Isaiah 43:11 Isaiah 45:15 Isaiah 60:16 with 1Tim 2:3 John 4:42 Phil 3:20
For whose glory all things were created. Prov. 16:4. with Col. 1:16.
Called upon as Jehovah. Joel 2.32. with 1Cor. 1:2
The eternal God and Creator. Ps.102. 24-27, with Heb. 1:8, 10-12.
Owner of all things, equally with the Father. John 16:15.
Jehovah of hosts. Isa. 6: 1-3, with John 12: 41. Isa. 8:13-14, with 1 Pet. 2:8.
The Great God and Saviour. Hos. 1:7, with Titus 2:13.
Jesus God over all. Rom. 9:5.
Creator of all things. Isa. 40:28. Neh. 9:6 John 1:3 Col. 1:16.
Supporter and Preserver of all things. Neh. 9:6, with Col. 1:17. Heb. 1:3.
Alpha and Omega. Rev. 1:8 with Rev. 22: 12-13
The Mighty God. Isa. 9:6. With Isa. 10:21
Almighty God. Gen. 17:1 with Rev.1:8 & Rev. 22:12-13 and Rev. 22: 20
Our Righteousness. Jer. 23:5- 6, with 1 Cor. 1:30.
Jehovah. Isa. 40:3, with Matt. 3:3.
The Shepherd. Isa. 40:10 -11 Heb. 13:20.
Above all. Ps. 97:9 with John 3: 31
Of glory. Ps. 24:7, 10, with 1 Cor. 2:8. and Jas. 2:1.
God, the Judge. Psalm 96:13 Heb. 12:23 with 2 Tim. 4: 1 &8.
Isaiah saw Jehovah. Isaiah 6:10 with John 12:41
Jehovah of David. Ps. 110:1 with Matt. 22:42-46.
The true God. Jer. 10:10 with 1 John 5:20.
Eternal. Isa. 9:6 Mic. 5:2 John 1:1 Heb 7:3
Unsearchable, equally with the Father. Prov. 30:4 Matt. ll:27.
The Holy One. 1 Sam. 2:2 with Acts 3:14.
John the Baptist prepares the way for Jehovah. Isaiah 40:3 with Mark 1:1- 4.
Discerning the thoughts of the heart. 1 Kings 8:39, with Luke 5:22. Ezek. 11:5 with John 2:24, 25 Rev: 2.23.
Unchangeable. Mal. 3:6, with Heb.1:12, Heb. 13:8.
A stone of stumbling to Israel. Isaiah 8:14 with 1 Peter 2:6-8
Giver of pastors to the Church. Jer. 3:15, with Eph. 4:11-13.
Husband of the Church. Isa. 54:5, with Eph. 5:25-32. Isa. 62:5 with Rev. 21: 2, 9.
Jehovah’s glory not to be shared. Isaiah 42:8 with John 17:5
Father. Matthew 6:9 with Isaiah 9:6
Rock. Deut. 32:4 with 1 Cor. 10:4
Everlasting throne. Psalm 45:6 with Hebrews 1:8
With endless Kingdom. Psalm 146:10 with 2Peter 1:11
Pierced. Zech 12:10 Rev. 1:7
Valued at 30 pieces of silver. Zech. 11:12 with Matt. 26:14 to 16 Matt. 27:2 to 7
Jehovah’s voice like sound of many waters. Ezek. 43:2 with Rev. 1:15


Jesus entitled to the same honour as The Father. John 5:22,23
His blood is called the blood of God. Acts 20: 28.
God the Word. John 1. 1.
Possessed of the fullness of the Godhead. Col. 2: 9.
Worship given to Jesus. Matt. 8:2 Luke 24:52 Matt. 14:33 Matt. 28:9 Matt. 28:17
Raising the dead. John 5: 21. John 6: 40, 54.
Raising himself from the dead. John 2:19, 21. John 10:18.
Having the power to forgive sins. Psalm 103:2 to 3 Col. 3:13, with Mark 2:7, 10.
Lord of all. Acts 10. 36. Rom.10: 11 – 13
Acknowledged by his Apostles. John 20:28.
The object of divine worship. Acts 7:59 2 Cor. 12:8- 9 Heb: 1:6. Rev. 5:12
As God, He redeems and purifies the Church to Himself. Rev. 5:9. with Titus 2:14.
As God, He presents the Church to Himself. Eph. 5:27 with Jude 24:25.
Emmanuel. Isa. 7:14, with Matt. 1:23
The Lord from heaven. 1 Cor. 15:47.
Saints live unto Him as God. Rom. 6:11, and Gal. 2:19 with 2 Cor. 5:15.
One with the Father. John 10:30, 38. John 12:45. John 14:7-10. John 17:10 John 5:18
The Only-begotten Son of the Father. John 1:14, 18. John 3:16, 18. 1 John 4:9.
Omnipresent. Matt 18:20. Matt. 28:20. John 3:13.
Omniscient. John 16:30. John 21:17.


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  1. Thank you. This is indeed a useful document to keep and refer to. Jehovah’s Witnesses are so sure and certain that their religion is scholarly, well researched and accurate. Add to this the fact that they use their own Bible translation, and I find it necessary to slowly chip away, laying doubts to their assertions and then waiting for these doubts to grow.

    It is also helpful when they hear someone with a different faith unhesitatingly and confidently speaking scripturally. It is hard to shake their belief that they are the only Bible scholars. Thanks again, much appreciated.

  2. Thanks John and greetings from Wales. Its always good to se a fellow countryman preaching he word online. I like your vision and passion. I’ve had some dealings with JW as a pastor in Wales back in the 80, so the subject attracts me.

    Jehovah witnesses came to my home the others day. I felt led to explain God to them, I told them that I believed in Jehovah and was a Christian. The lady said, ” O but dont you believe that Jesus was a son!”

    I said, “yes, he was the Son while on earth, but before he was a Son he was the everlasting Father. (Isaiah 9:6) “Its like this, Your husband is both a Father and Son, well, Jesus too is both Son and the everlasting Father, one person who is Emmanuel “God” with us. Good took flesh so he himself can save us from sin and become the perfect sacrifice for for both you and I.”

    They thanked me for sharing this shook my hand and went their way. The gospel is always simple, when we see God as One.

    The Lord bless you my friend in your work in UK. Shake UK for Jesus!


  3. Very comprehensive. Thanks a lot!

  4. A person may be divine but therefore is not yet God. Jehovah and Jeshua (Jesus) are two different entities; one is an eternal spirit and the other is a man of flesh and blood who really could die and did die for our sins.

    • Hi there thanks a lot for the comment, what are saying is I think the general Jw view on this. I would be interested in you engaging a little more with what is said in this post before I respond to you, as some clear evidence is given here to show that Jesus is much more than merely a man of flesh and bone. thanks again

  5. According to the Holy Scriptures Jesus (Jeshua) is the son of God and not god the son, who was born in the lineage of King David, being placed in the womb of the virgin Mary/Maria (Miriam). He is notified as the Maser Teacher and prophet, but nowhere in the Bible you will find written that he is God or would you find the word Trinity.

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