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Whos that Knocking on the Door

Above is a great video put together by my friend Vince Mccann of Spotlight Ministries, it captures the heart in a light hearted way of the fact that Jehovahs Witnesses who daily knock on doors all over the world are in a system that measures their spirituality by their work for the watchtower organization, primarily displayed through knocking on doors.

It makes a fantastic point that if a Witness spent loads more hours than they recorded because they wanted to do it in secret and just earn their reward in heaven like the bible says, they would still be viewed as unspiritual because their hours report card would not be as full.

Please use this video as motivation to pray for opportunities and boldness to witness to these people.

Often Christians dont know what to say and whether its even worth the effort to say anything to them, if this is you please go to my site and consider having us come and do a seminar at your church teaching on this subject.


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  1. What happened to Vince McCann’s video. I can’t find him anywhere?

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