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The Watchtower ‘New World Translation’ Bible…………………….by John Stickland

The identity of the compilers of this publication has been kept a close secret by the Watchtower organization’s governing body. However, since its production information has filtered out over the years from various staff who have left the Brooklyn HQ. This has enabled those outside to not only have an understanding of identities but more importantly to look at their suitability to undertake the vital work of translation.
It is generally agreed that no more than at most seven men made up the translation committee of The New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures and all or most of their names have been identified.
It would appear that none of the names concerned had any training in biblical languages apart from one. The exception was Frederick W Franz who had some understanding of Bible Greek and Hebrew.
However, Franz’s ability has been open to serious question as was subsequently shown in the report of a case at the Scottish Court Sessions (Walsh v Latham) in Nov. 1954 just 4 years after, when he was questioned on his translation skills.
On the issue then of accuracy of translation, when compared with the other versions widely available translated by world-class scholars there can be no comparison. It is recorded that there were 54 of the best Biblical scholars in the country who translated the King James Bible, 32 Scholars who translated the Revised Standard version, and over 100 internationally recognised Scholars who translated the New International version of the Scriptures.
This is selecting only 3 of the widely accepted versions available, (all of which are in full agreement on basic Christian doctrine).

As a result it would appear, parts of the text of the NWT follows closely existing Watchtower doctrine. An example is the rendering of the same Greek word ‘proskuneo‘, which is translated worship when the reference is to God, but obeisance when the reference is to Jesus, when there is no indication or warrant for this in the original.

We also find the addition of extra or different words to the original text, which change the meaning to conform to Watchtower doctrine. Some examples are: –
John 8.58 – ‘I have been ‘ instead of the correct ‘I am’ (Ego Eimi)
Titus 2.13 – ‘God and of the Saviour’ instead of ‘God and Saviour’
Col. 2.9 – ‘divine quality’ instead of ‘Deity’ or ‘Godhead’ (Theotes)
The translation of ‘a god’ in John 1.1., denying the divinity of Christ, is roundly condemned by world class scholars. The Watchtower’s appeal to other publications for support does not stand up to close examination when further evidence is looked at.


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  1. Jehovah’s Witnesses have been over the years been told that the NWT is the “only correct translation” of the Bible. They claim it has restored parts/words taken out, for example “Jehovah” were it says “LORD” in the NT. They have no real basis for doing this, there is no manuscript of the NT that uses “Jehovah”. They claim superstitious and unscrupulous men in the past took “Jehovah” out of the Bible. This begs the questions “How do they know?” and if true how can we be sure that these unscrupulous men didn’t alter other scriptures. Such a view calls into question the integrity of the Bible.
    The WT claims the NWT is unique, yes it is unique, in that it is the only Bible translation specifically made to back up a religions teachings.

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  3. I would just like to ask a few questions about references in this piece.

    Are there written documents of Brooklyn HQ defectors who have spilled the beans on the NWT?

    Do we know the names and occupations of these seven men on the committee?

    Is there a full, academically-sound critique of the NWT?

    I have access to numerous academic journals, collections and libraries so I may be able to find whatever you can suggest.

    Thank you very much for any help you can give!

    Kindest regards,


  4. I would doubt documents exists as you describe. Because of the Watchtower’s clampdown on any info. relating to this issue, facts have difficult to obtain. However 5 names have been identified and their suitability (or otherwise) for the translation has been looked at. Details can be found on various websites.

    Regarding a full academically sound critique of the NWT, a number of scholars and qualified academics have pointed out the many errors found at various times, however I would have doubts that any qualified scholar would be prepared to invest time and resource on an exhaustive analysis of such a work. This especially so when errors are open and apparent even to the layman.

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