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Tony Brown on Unbelievable.

Hey all below are the recent recordings from the Premier Christian Radio channels show Unbelievable. Tony Brown from our ministry had discussions with Robert King from the E-Watchman Site, Robert is an ex but believing Jehovah’s Witness and these are fascinating discussions to listen to.


Jehovahs Witnesses dialogue Part 1 Unbelievable

Jehovah’s Witnesses dialogue Part 2 Unbelievable


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  1. Just listened to part 1 last night. I’m listening to part 2 as I post this. Great program thank you.

  2. Excellant discussion. Having been a JW I was reminded of the fortress like doctrinal position of the WT and how syllogism plays an enormous role in holding the various theological positions together. By that I mean a structure or meta-narrative has been formulated by the WT society which is robust and sounds reasonable, in affect ticking all the boxes. Robert did a great job of defending that position. The challenge for Christians is to know how to scale this fortress of the mind and break down the tenuous theological position. It is no easy task and Tony did an brilliant job of probing WT anomalies. At the end of the day a JW needs divine revelation to see the real Jesus. Shalom to all.

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