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Review of September Kingdom Ministry by Jason Thickpenny.


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  1. Can this be downloaded from their main site without signing in? Do you have to be a JW to log-in priority? A few written notes with the video, maybe giving the scripture references might help!! (please)

  2. Its not only for baptised members but for every publisher… baptised & non baptised

  3. If anyone would like a scan of any page of the recent KM’s let me know.

    • Kim. Thanks – how do we get those please?

      • KM’s are available on
        A person by the name ‘Atlantis’ posts them for download and he just posted Jan/2013 KM

      • Thanks again Kim for that link. I have signed up and will check it out!

      • Glad I could help. You also might want to check out the [Witnesses official website] under the heading of ‘News’ then the subheading of ‘Events’ the just released their new updated information regarding ‘the Governing Body’ It makes no sense at all.

      • An interesting report. So sad that they are applauding the fact that Jesus considers them among “his domestics.” I am not a JW but have befriended one who keeps visiting me I keep telling him that I am a child of God. I am the prodigal son who was elevated about the hired hands. Oh, the foolishness of those who think they have to impress God with their works. He certainly seems to be in slavery to this organisation

      • I can understand your friend tho because I was raised a JW and recently enlightened to what is really going on in the organization. It not good.

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