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Showing Jehovahs Witnesses the REAL Jesus in their own Bible

Walter Martin said “If you can show someone the true deity of Christ, they are 90% of the way to being saved”. As a former Jehovah’s Witness I agree. As a Jehovah’s Witness I believed that Jesus is the Arch angel Michael and I would only accept the New World Translation as THE bible – all the others where warped translations. I of course now understand why I believed that.

I do feel it really powerful to use the New world translation when talking to Jehovah’s Witnesses, as this is the only bible they will 100% accept.

Here are 10 questions and verses that you can show them in there own bible to show them who Jesus really is, and hopefully this will start an interesting discussion with them (All of these verses are found in the New world translation) :-

In Isaiah 9:6 – Why is Jesus called Eternal Father and Mighty God?

In John 1:1 – It says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was A God”. Do you believe in 2 Gods? ……if they say “Well Jesus is a type of God”….take them to John 17:3 and ask them if they think that Jesus is a false God.

In Revelation 1:17,18 It says that “I am the first and the Last”…Do you believe that is Jehovah?…..They will say “Yes I do”….the next verse says “I am the living and I became dead”…..When did Jehovah die?

In John 20:27-29 Thomas calls Jesus “My Lord and My God” – If Jesus is not God why does he not correct Thomas and tell him to repent of blasphemy?

In Philippians 2:10, it says that every knee will bow in the name of Jesus…. do you believe we should worship Jesus?

In Revelation 22:8,9 It says that we should not worship angels. Do you think it would be appropriate to worship the Arch Angel Michael?

In Genesis 18 It says that Jehovah is able to walk about…does this mean that he has the ability to get on the earth and that he has a body, as it even says that he will have his feet washed? (They may say …well he used an angel…. does the verse say that or does it say Jehovah? Also that would mean Abraham bowing down to an angel).

In Matthew 1:23 it says that Emmanuel (the name of Jesus) means “God with us”….what do you think this means? (They may say well Jesus is the exact replica of Jehovah….if so take them to Isaiah 46:9 which says “I am Jehovah there is no one like me”).

In Philippians 2:7 it says that God emptied himself and took the form of a slave…. what do you think that means?

Do you believe that Jesus is at the right hand of God?…They will say “Yes”. Then what does Hebrews 1:5 mean, because it says that no angel has ever been asked to sit on the right hand side of God?

You find many, many scriptures….these are just the ones that really helped me when I was trying to understand who the REAL Jesus is.

I hope these verses you find helpful when they showing Jehovah’s Witnesses who the really Jesus is.

If anyone wants a New World Translation let me know.

Blessings in Yeshua.

Jason Thickpenny


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  1. Thank you for presenting this. It is well done, very well done.

  2. Well done post!
    Jehovah’s Witnesses creed is a falsehood of Jesus *invisible* second coming October 1914.

    Tens of thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses are DEAD (since 1945) by a man-made Watchtower society ban on *whole* blood transfusions.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses endlessly argue the red herring trinity enigma because they cannot defend their Adventist plagiarized October 1914 date for Jesus second coming their “pivotal” all important core creed..
    Jehovah’s Witnesses are ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ false prophets that Jesus himself warned about [Matthew 7:15].

    Danny Haszard FMI dannyhaszard(dot)com

  3. Thanks Jason. Again a most helpful piece of writing and I will be using this at my next encounter!

  4. Really great information. I appreciate you putting this out there for others to access.
    I’d love to get a NWT as soon as possible.

  5. Well done! As for the NWT, I threw mine away…didn’t want that satanic bible in my house…

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