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Interview with EX-Jehovahs Witness Family

It is a roller-coaster ride for anyone leaving the Watchtower. What affect does this have when your whole family are involved?

Jason Wright, Jenny Wright and their children Jordan, Joel and Jasmine share their experience being in this religion the good parts and the bad.

Is it hard to leave? How can you break free?

We hope you find this encouraging. (If video does not upload automatically then please click on the link)

Blessings in Yeshua,


Interview with EX-Jehovahs Witness family

You can also listen to this on Audio here:

Interview with Ex Ministerial & his family

(left click to listen, right click save as, to save)


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  1. Great interview Thanks – Worth setting time to listen to this BUT what a sad story exposing the lack of love. Like the bit about lack of advertising the end of the world AND the “Re-adjustment” sounds like a throw back Nazi Germany or early communism – no democracy. Pushed out / persecuted / sidelined for being over zealous? Shocking about disfellowshipping story but great that the Bible came alive to them they found the REAL Jesus………………….. Alleluia

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