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Interview with Ex Jehovahs Witness Tim

The more you talk to ex Jehovah’s Witnesses the more you see how they are treated, and you want to reach out to them.

Tim reveals how he dedicated 20 years to the Watchtower, but when he was made homeless received no help, faced a 4 hour judicial meeting with 4 elders, was counseled during a public meeting, and how things changed for him when he started partaking of the bread & wine.

Sit back….this is quite a story.

Can I say a big thank-you to all of you that follow UK partnerships for Christ, I know a lot of you have prayed for Tim when I posted online about his disfellowshipping a few months ago, please continue to pray for him.

Blessings in Yeshua

(Click on the link if the video does not appear automatically)

Interview with EX Jehovahs Witness Tim Ingall


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  1. We are not alone there are TWICE as many EXJW than active ones with 8,000 month exiting the cult.
    The Orwellian Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower Society defrauded my family so I have a healthy measure of justifiable anger-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine ‘apostate with an attitude’ FMI .dannyhaszard(dot)com

  2. Soooo not alone. I was born into the cult, broke away when I was 17, and have been severely shunned by my entire family ever since (over 27 years now) I am very excited to see so many people leaving the WTBS behind and making a change for the better.

    • Thanks for that Debz, I can imagine thats a really hard thing to go through. Where are you at with all things faith now?

      • I am a Christian. I find that religion has to be on my terms now. I can no longer tolerate strict, over-bearing religions who want to point fingers at everyone but themselves. I gravitate more towards the relaxed, contemporary non-denominational Christian churches where everyone is welcomed in with open arms.

  3. I follow the Christian faith now, although not regularly attending any particular church at the moment. I prefer the laid back more modern church services when I go. I see you are in UK. Here in the states we have some pretty awesome churches. One that I like to attend is FlatIrons Church. It is a little big for me, but very uplifting with a solid Bible message.

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