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Introduction to new series. Looking at the what does the Bible really teach manual.

What Does The Bible Really Teach?

Hello all this is just a quick introduction to a new series we are going to be spending the coming year on, on this blog.

As many of you will know when you get a knock on the door from Jehovah’s Witnesses they will be quick to ask, “Would you like to go through a Bible study with us?”.

What follows next is actually a study going through one of their manuals. There is referencing to the Bible in this study, however what you will find is that you are taught to trust that Watchtower materials are the authoritative way to interpret any passage of scripture. It is our view that this is a massively false approach to Bible study and that the Bible is more than capable of speaking for itself.

In our experience the most common manual by far they go through is “What does the Bible really teach.”. We are going to go through this book chapter by chapter on this blog commenting on the content, and teaching style that goes with it. We hope this will be of help to those meeting with the Witnesses in their home and if there are members of this organization reading this I hope you find these post interesting and please feel free to leave your thoughts.

As well as this as you may have already noticed we will be going through the Watchtower materials month by month as they are released on the doors too. Our hope on this blog is to engage with what the Jehovah’s Witnesses are currently handing out and going through with people, and equip Christians to be able to give a confident witness in response.


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  1. This will be a timely series for me Thanks I am already on Chapter 3 – we meet on Wednesday afternoons This study has helped me point out stuff to my JW friends and query their beliefs in a non-aggressive way. I look forward to seeing your notes – I think you could publish the end result as a (Kindle?) ebook. This would be profitable for all P. S. As you know I am not and never have been a JW but I have a heart for seeing my friend converted to freedom in Jesus Christ. He is a sincere seeker but, after 30 years in the organisation, is steeped in their ways (as is his family) The Trinity is his big stumbling block

    • Hello Andrew, The trinity is a difficult subject, but I have just purchased an excellent brochure/book called Yes you should believe in the Trinity a page by page response to the watchtower society’s brochure Should you believe the trinity.. It was written to provide a detailed biblical and scholarly response to the watchtower society’s arguments against the trinity set forth in their brochure.It also has many photocopies recent and historical of J w literature. only problem is getting him to go through it with you as he will probably say it is apostate literature , but to save his life it is worth a try.Go to or witnesses for . may our Lord bless your effort. Fred anderson

  2. I am really looking forward to this! Thank you for all you do.

  3. I too am studying with the JW’s and know that chapter 4 is going to be a real problem for me as I believe Jesus is God.

  4. Looks like we need a review of Chapter 4 first please!

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