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Tony Brown Interviewed on the Mind Renewed Podcast

Tony Brown

Tony Brown who regularly writes posts for this blog was recently interviewed on The Mind Renewed Podcast. Talking about his background as a Jehovah’s Witness and reaching out to them, this is well worth a listen. This is a great podcast that interviews people from various different backgrounds and interests and looks at them from a Christian Perspective. For Tony’s Interview please click here. Or direct from our site below.

Tony Brown Interviewed on the Mind Renewed Podcast.

(left click to listen or right click, save link as to download.)

I was also interviewed on the same podcast a while ago about reaching out to Mormons, please see that and other things on the subject here.

As well we as a ministry now have our own podcast. Its early days yet but we have a couple of episodes on there. Please see that here.

Thanks a lot and please leave any thoughts or questions below.


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  1. Very informative! I have 2 witness ladies coming to my door these past few months intermittently, I will try your suggestions. Please pray for me and them.

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