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Jason Thickpenny and Tony Brown talking about the Memorial Meal.



Last night Jason Thickpenny and Tony Brown both ex Jehovah’s Witness Christians and active volunteers in our ministry, went to the  Memorial Meal meeting that is held every year by all Jehovah’s Witness Churches at their local Kingdom Hall.

Straight after this they recorded their thoughts on this on our podcast. Please check this out by clicking here or downloading directly below. We would love to hear any thoughts or comments you have on this.

Jason and Tony discussing the 2013 Memorial Meal.

(left click to listen, right click, save link as to download)


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  1. Great podcast – Thanks, guys, for it and for the name check! Useful teaching for me as I am preparing for my Wednesday visit. Still looking at Chapter 4 but will try and talk about the memorial. Will also pray for Derek and his wife Keep up the good work May God continue to bless and protect you and yours

  2. Keep up the brave and good work you are all doing. We pray that one day all our loved
    one who are still kept bondage will have their eyes open.

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