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Review of a shocking new Watchtower Article


This Watchtower is officially not due to be studied by the Jehovah Witnesses until August this year, but with the new AWAA group (Anti-Watchtower Activists Association)  this Watchtower highlights why so many people are hurt by the Watchtower’s abuse of power, as seen in the AWAA’s videos.

Out of all the Watchtowers I have reviewed, this is the most disturbing. Although this article is called “Let Jehovah’s Discipline mold you” I feel it may as well be called “Do as the Organisation tells you”. This article is highlighting their authority over all its members.

Like most articles they do not go straight to the point. They first dress it up somewhat, so that when they do make their point you would think it was biblical, had you not checked it against scripture.

From paragraph 1-13 they state that god used the prophets to warn and discipline people and in paragraph 14, they finally come to the reason behind this article.

I quote “Jehovah molds us today primarily by means of his Word, the Bible, and his organization.” They are stating that they are the only prophet of god and that they have the authority to discipline.

It then gives the incredible story of Robert who was dis-fellowshipped at 16 years old. The claim is that dis-fellowshipping is another type of discipline from Jehovah. They then falsely quote 1 Cor 5:6-7, 11 for their reasoning behind throwing people out of the religion and shunning them.

Robert makes this amazing claim “Had my family associated with me a little, say to check up on me, the small dose of association to be a motivating factor to return to God” Is it not obvious why Robert returned?

It was not that he wanted to be forgiven by god or have a chance of surviving Armageddon or even that he agreed with the religion, it was because he wanted to see his family.

This experience has been put into this article to encourage families with dis-fellowshipped members to have absolutely no contact with their loved ones and they are led to believe if they obey this rule their loved one may return, thus giving the family false hope. Notice also that they never relate to stories of people who have come out of this religion and are now happier for doing so, or even people who have come out and found the real Christ.

I found a quote from the July 2009 Awake which says “No one should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable to choose between beliefs and his family” This is a complete contradiction to this article.

An Ex JW who has recently contacted me had gone to her Grandmother’s funeral and her sister (Current JW) had not seen her in 24 years. Her sister did not even know who she was. Does this not also contradict the above statement?

1 Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply because love covers a multitude of sins.

Do the Watchtower do this? Or is this further evidence of their abuse of power?

If you would like to view this article please click on the link below.



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