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Tony Brown Speaking On Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Recently Tony Brown who is very active in our ministry spoke on reaching Jehovah’s Witnesses at Shipley Baptist Church. You can see this talk in video (with powerpoint slides) and audio below. This is also on our Podcast.

Tony as an Ex Jehovah’s Witness, and now a Christian Pastor and is well equipped to communicate how and why to share the gospel with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and is available to speak at your church or Christian event. Please feel free to make contact with him at or on Facebook.


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  1. Most Jehovah’s Witnesses are decent folk who are trapped in an oppressive cult like organization the Watchtower society.
    The Watchtower core dogma is Jesus ‘invisible’ return or second coming October 1914,this is a false doctrine.
    Matthew 7:15-16 “Be on the watch for the false prophets,who come to you in sheep’s clothing…..”
    God bless-Danny Haszard

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