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What is Gods Kingdom? Review of Chapter 8 of the “What does the Bible really teach” book

What does the bible really teach

What is Gods Kingdom?

As Jehovah’s Witness one of the classic things we asked Christians we met on the door is “As Christians, what do you think it means when you pray for Gods Kingdom in the lords prayer? – The reason why as that not all Christians actually know what this means and why as Christians we pray for this. Now they the Jehovahs Witness can go.. “ Well here is the answer!” Do they teach correct doctrine when it comes to understanding the kingdom of God? To help you as the Christian reach the Jehovahs Witness who you are studying with as well as review this chapter, I have put some suggested questions you could ask them when it comes to talking about this subject.

Gods Kingdom has a King who is the Lord Jesus. I 100% agree with this teaching. In paragraph 4 they even sight 1 Timothy 6:15 which calls Jesus the king of Kings and Lord of Lords. Something that could be a good question to now is this….

In Jeremiah 10:10 – it reads that “Jehovah is in truth God. He is the living God and the King to time indefinite” – If Jesus is the King of Kings, and Jehovah is a King to time indefinite is…is Jesus the king over Jehovah?” 

So who reigns with Christ in this kingdom? According to paragraph 6-8 there will be kings and priests that are part of Gods Kingdom in heaven. Once again I agree! However the Watchtowers teaching as to whom these are is some what different to the Bibles view point.

Paragraph 9 now tells you who it is that rule with Christ. They take you to Revelation 14:1,14 – which reads in the New World Translation  1 And I saw, and, look! the Lamb standing upon the Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty‐four thousand having his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads. ….14  And I saw, and, look! a white cloud, and upon the cloud someone seated like a son of man, with a golden crown on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. It would be good if you could get them to read verse 4 as well (of chapter 14 which reads 4These are the ones that did not defile themselves with women; in fact, they are virgins. These are the ones that keep following the Lamb no matter where he goes. These were bought from among mankind as firstfruits to God and to the Lamb,5and no falsehood was found in their mouths; they are without blemish.

Then you could ask :-

“Are all the 144,000 men? And do none of them have any children?” 

This creates a major issue, because according the verse you have just read they are all virgin men! The Jehovah Witness knows that the 144,000 are actually men, women, married people and single. So now they have a problem because clearly there understanding of these verses is someone different to what the verses actually say.

They also quote Revelation 5:10. If only they quoted verse 9 as well they could see exactly who the kings and priests are. I quote verse 9 & 10 from the New World Translation :-

And they sing a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and open its seals, because you were slaughtered and with your blood you bought persons for God out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation,10and you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth.”

As you can see the people who are ruling with Christ are the ones that are saved from “every tribe nation and tongue”. Yet Revelation 7:4-8 tells us exactly what tribes the 144,000 come from. Therefore Revelation 5 can not be linked at all to the 144,000.

Paragraph 11 which has the sub-title “What will Gods Kingdom do?” Is now going to try and set up the introduction to there ideas about whom the 144,000 are and what they do. They also subtly drop in Revelation 12:7 to introduce the idea of Jesus being the arch angel Michael, I quote again from the New World Translation…

7And war broke out in heaven: Mi′chael and his angels battled with the dragon, and the dragon and its angels battled8but it did not prevail, neither was a place found for them any longer in heaven.9So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him

You could ask them :-

“Why is this verse talks about Michael, but then later in verse 17 (of Revelation 12) it talks about Jesus? Surely now Jesus has ascended back to heaven this verse should say “Michael”

So they have dealt with the issue regarding the government in heaven they turn to the issue of the earth.

The claim in paragraph 12 is that when Jesus is crowned king, Satan shortly after is thrown down to the Earth of which he now rules –

So now Satan is on the Earth what can we expect? The next few paragraphs answer this. You then have a graphic picture on page 83 that shows what they mean. In other words we will see violence, famine, wars etc. They will likely ask you – Do you think this is what we see in the world today? Now of course you will say YES.

Now God sees what it is Satan has done to World and sees the corruption of man made governments, God at the opportune time wages war against them, this is what is know as Har-magedon, the details of this are in paragraph 18. After which all government world leaders are destroyed and we have one world government that is the one of God.

Although the Watchtower has completely mis-understood the book of Revelation, I personally would not try to discuss things like The Great White Judgment, the rapture, the coming of the saints, the anti-Christ, and the deep things of Revelation, as it is just going to go straight over there head. So from paragraph 16-20 I would just politely nod along until you get to paragraph 21 as they now reveal how you can avoid being destroyed at Armageddon.  “What does this mean? It means that eventually under Gods Kingdom everyone alive will honour Jehovah’s names.” 

You could ask them: –

“Does this mean I should only honour Jehovah? Should I not honour Jesus at all?

The Last few paragraphs then talk about how some Bible students have calculated that Christ returned in 1914 and became King. There are so many questions you could ask at this point, here are some suggestions: –

If Matthew 24:36 say know ones the day or the hour, why are people try to calculate the day? 

Revelation 1:7 says “Look, he is coming with the clouds,” and “every eye will see him, even those who pierced him” Did anyone actually see Jesus return in 1914?

1 Corinthians 11:26 saysFor whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” If you believe that Jesus has already returned why do the memorial every year?

Although according to Jehovah’s Witness history, the prophecy actually was that Charles Taze Russell thought that Armageddon was coming in 1914, when it didn’t happen they actually had to change what 1914 meant. Although I would not necessary tell the individual that, you could encourage them to find out/ research who actually came up with this date of 1914.

I hope this has been helpful. It is my hope and prayer that you as a Christian can help the un-saved Jehovahs Witness understand what “the bible really teaches” regarding the issue of Gods Kingdom.

God Bless

Jason Thickpenny


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  1. God’s Kingdom in the Bible can mean anything a reader wants it to mean; hence the mass of conflicting interpretations. I quite like ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’. The implication here is that it is an individual psychological state of inner calm and peace. Those who want an earthly Paradise with a restored Temple dropping out of the skies or other absurdities can go for the end of the Book of Revelation and cook up all manner of fantasy kingdoms. Then there is the political entity of Judah/Israel untrammelled by foreign conquerors; that’s why the writer of Matthew’s Gospel fitted Jesus up with a Davidic lineage. As God does not exist, it really should be immaterial what anyone makes of his kingdom. It will be several years yet, I fear, even with the heartening global growth of atheism, before the God’s Kingdom definition issue is a matter purely of interest to historians.

  2. Hi Rowland,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Our Christian ministry is to help Christians deal with Jehovahs Witnesses when they come round. This blog in particular is regarding a chapter of the “bible teach” book.

    You are looking at this point concerning Gods kingdom from an atheist point of view, I am looking at from a theist point of view.

    If what you are looking at doing is to engage Christians to convince them there is no God, then this blog might not be for you – although you are welcome here of course.

    If you ever want to talk to me and ask me why it is I believe in God and how he has changed my life, and me as a person you can contact me on my email.

    God Bless

    P.S. Have a look at creation ministries 🙂

  3. In this chapter the Watchtower attempts to convince readers that it offers the correct view of what is the Kingdom of God . Jw’s preach that Jesus returned invisibly in 1914 and established God’s kingdom — with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society as His visible agency on earth. So in order to receive everlasting life people need to : ” come to Jehovah’s organization for salvation” [ W.t. 11-15 -1981 , p 21 .

    Let’s see if we can trust what is said in chapter 8 in this book :

    on page 76 it cites Matt 6:9-13 and asks , ” To what , though, was Jesus referring to when he told us to pray : ‘ Let your kingdom come ‘ ?”

    That phrase , ” Let your kingdom come ” in from vr 10 . The KJV renders it : ” Thy kingdom come ” . This is interesting because the Watchtower’s first President Charles Russell wrote a book to help people correctly interpret the Bible called , ” Thy Kingdom Come ” .
    On page 304 it taught that Jesus had returned in 1874 . On page 213 it taught that the general call to joint heirship with Christ Jesus in the kingdom of God ended in 1881 . Furthermore, on page 235 it also claimed God’s kingdom began to be set up in 1878 was a correct understanding of God’s Word .

    These dates were said to be also confirmed by what this book called ” God’s stone witness ” [ page 313 ] . What had Russell convinced his followers to view as God’s Stone witness? It was the Great Pyramid of Egypt . It was later called ” the Bible in Stone ” [ W.t. 3-15-1911 ] .

    Incredibly after years of this belief , Watchtower President Joseph Rutherford changed the view of the Great Pyramid as “the Bible in Stone ” to ” Satan’s bible” [ W.t. 11-15-1928 p 344 ] , and these dates finally became discarded doctrine . But they serve notice to those investigating the claims to the Watchtower today that it is truly a false prophet led organization — Deut 18:-20-22; Jer 23:16, 25 .

    on page 77 of Ch 8 ,it mentioned that Jesus died on ” a torture stake ” .

    The Watchtower assures people that Jesus absolutely did not die on a cross because that is not what they call a “Bible based ” teaching . Jw’s claim that :
    ” their beliefs and practices are soundly based on God’s inspired Word.” [ W.t. 5-15-1986 p 25] .

    This is yet another claim of the Watchtower that rings hollow because here’s yet another example of what they used to claim was a “Bible based” doctrine:

    ” The ransom price was provided at the cross . The cross of Christ is the great pivotal truth of the divine arrangement from which radiate the hopes of men . ”
    [ The Harp of God ” (1928) p 142 . This book likened the the ten strings of a harp to represent 10 great “fundamental truths or doctrines of the divine plan .” — p. 20 ] .

    on page 77 it states that 1Tim 6:15,16 refers to Jesus .

    Yet the Watchtower has used these two verses to refer to God — Enemies p 24 ; The Harp of God , p 44 ; the W.t of 6-1-1925 , p 162 ; Studies in the Scriptures , v2 p 132 states :

    ” This accords too, with the apostles statements : ‘ No man hath seen God at any time ‘ ; he is the King immortal , invisible, whom no man hath seen nor can [ever] see .( 1 Tim 6:15,16) .”

    on page 78 it mentions that only 144,000 Christians get to go to heaven and be with Jesus, they are spirit begotten and are called ” the little flock ” , the “Body of Christ” , the “annointed ” they are a heavenly class .
    According to the Watchtower all other Christians will live on earth , these are called “the Great
    Crowd ” , they are not spirit begotten , and are a earthly class .

    Again , the watchtower exhibits it’s behavior of confusion as a Bible teacher because at one time it taught as “Bible based ” truth that those of the Great Crowd were also a heavenly
    class , just like the “little flock ” were . [ Vindication , v 3 p 204 ] .

    What’s more , those of the “Great Crowd” were once called ” the Jonadab class ” , and they were viewed as being not officially ” Jehovah’s witnesses” ! They were considered to be :

    ” witnesses for Jehovah but do not bear the official name for the reason that they are not of the annointed house of Jehovah.” [ W.t. 8-15-1937 , p 25 ] .

    on page 82 it mentions Armageddon .

    Claiming to be Jehovah’s prophet , the Watchtower’s ” Faithful and discreet slave ” has predicted in His name when Armageddon would occur :

    Armageddon would end in 1915 [ The Time is At Hand , p 101 ] .
    In 1938 , Armageddon was so close that the Watchtower told Jw couples that having children was ill advised , this was said to be ” supported by the scriptures ” [ Face The Facts p 46 ; W.t. 11-1-1938 , p 288 ] .

    The W.t. of 9-15-1941 [ p 288 ] stated there were ” remaining months before Armageddon ” , and so Jw’s should postpone marriage .[ Children ( 1941) p 312-313 ] .

    Again , the Watchtower is seen as a false prophet led organization — not a consistently reliable guide . Matt 24:11

    on page 85 it says: ” The fulfillment of Bible prophecy shows that in 1914 Christ became King and God’s heavenly kingdom begin to rule .”

    This is another hollow claim because it’s only the newest guess introduced by the Watchtower concerning this issue .

    Matt 24:14 is used by the Watchtower to try and convince people that it alone knows the truth about the gospel and God’s kingdom . However , the teaching about the kingdom that Jw’s preach is not the same ” good news ” as Jesus’ apostles preached .

    The gospel is the “good news ” that man’s separation from God because of sins has been fixed , because Jesus died to reconcile us to God . The apostles preached the gospel of salvation ( Rom 1:16 ) it centered in Jesus’ dying for mankind and his resurrection from the dead — see 1Cor 15:1-4 . Their preaching focused on his name ( Acts 1:8 ; 9:15 ) and his atonement , not dates , and no religious organization to join for salvation like the Watchtower preaches today

    The apostles taught the good news about the kingdom of God — it was focused on the name of Jesus — Acts 8:12 .
    Jesus is the door , the “way” to gain everlasting life in the kingdom of God . Anyone who asks him for pardon of sins , he will abundantly forgive — this is the Father’s arrangement , i.e. come directly to Jesus — Jn 5:39-40 ; Matt 11:28 .

    Unfortunately , the Watchtower focuses more on a place , like a earthly kingdom , and tragically created a false way in how to enter that place ( accept Jesus alone to enter ) and it has separated Christians into two classes ,each with a different hope . This the Bible does not do — Eph 4:4 . All Christians will one day be with their loving Savior where ever he is — Jn 14: 3 .
    That’s only logical .

    The Watchtower’s “good news ” about the kingdom is what Paul had in mind when he penned Gal 1:8 . Paul says:

    ” However, even if we or an angel out of heaven were to declare to you as good news something BEYOND what we declared to you as good news , let him be accursed .” ( NWT)

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