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August Our Kingdom Ministry – Review

Kingdom min

Our Kingdom Ministry – August 2013

The kingdom ministry is a publication solely for Jehovahs Witnesses. In this edition it will tell them about up and coming events, what they are currently offering in terms of Watchtower literature, and help give them advice on how to preach.

As a Christian who specialises in evangelising to this group of people it is helpful to keep up to date with the current things that Watchtower is telling its members.
The Current news concerning is regarding there circuit assembly 2014 which will be entitled “Gods word is beneficial for teaching” taken from 2 Timothy 3:16.
The article talking about the event lists the main points that it is going to address:-

˙ What effect does divine teaching have on our lives?
˙ What should be our reaction when confronted with “strange teachings”?
˙ How can we imitate Jesus’ “way of teaching”?
˙ Why should teachers in the congregation teach themselves?
˙ For what is God’s Word beneficial?
˙ How are people affected by the “rocking” of the nations?
˙ What confidence does Jehovah have in us?
˙ Why must we work hard to remain in Jehovah’s teaching?

Whenever I used to leave the house for school the last thing my Mum would always say is “don’t forgot your lunch”. The reason why this was the last thing she said was because that is what she wanted me to remember. I notice that the last thing they address is “work hard”. It is my opinion that this is because they want their members working in the field more than ever and this is the thought they want to leave you with at the end of the assembly.

The other point/ question I notice that really stands out to me is “reaction to strange teachings?” I wonder what that means?? Again it is just my view, but with more people questioning the Watchtowers teachings on Jesus being an Angel are the Watchtower going to fight back with some Anti-Trinitarian comments and call these “strange teachings”. They then quote Hebrews 13:9 which they have high-jacked for the purpose of this. Let me list some “strange teachings” for you that Jehovahs Witnesses believe in :-

Jesus is the Arch Angel
No guarantee of salvation at all
No blood transfusions allowed, but blood fractions are ok
Not allowed a beard
Nobody takes communion
The New World Translation is the best translation despite it not be translated by Hebrew or Greek Scholar
You must not look at ANY material that they brought out concerning the failed prophecies of 1914, 1925, 1975, etc etc

The list goes on….

Members of the Watchtower would do well to take this scripture in Hebrews and apply it to their own teachings. If only they read verse 8 as well they would read “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, and forever” then they could see the real Jesus. If he is the same yesterday, and today and forever 1) how could he have been created if he has always been the same?!! And 2) If he has always been Jesus then how could he have been Michael as well?!!

They then re-emphasise the importance of paying attention through the programme. So many Jehovahs Witnesses will be milling around the assembly hall and not paying attention. As someone who used to go the assemblies, I understand why!

The true gospel is that Jesus is Lord and he has already won, and paid the price for your sin. This is something as born again believers we are excited about and are joyful. When you keep telling people “do more, and more and more…and then you MIGHT get into paradise” it is inevitable that some people are going to get tired of listening and not pay attention at the assembly.

Later in the article they talk about the special assembly day which is called “God’s word exerts power”. This is the list of questions they will answer at the assembly:-

˙ Why should we have confidence in Jehovah’s Word?
˙ How can we experience the power of God’s Word in our own lives?
˙ How can you unleash the power of God’s Word in your ministry?
˙ How can we avoid falling prey to the deceptive power of Satan’s world?
˙ How can you as a youth attain spiritual success?
˙ How can we become powerful even when we are weak?

I feel so sorry at times like this for the young ones. I know what is coming in this talk highlighted in bold. “Don’t get into further education, wash windows and pioneer for a living.” I can almost guarantee that they will interview some youth on the day that will relate how amazing his life is because he cleans windows and pioneers.

If you are a JW youth and you are reading this please consider the following of which all can be found in the bible:-

Jesus – Carpenter (Skilled)
Noah – Builder (Skilled)
Paul – Tent maker (Skilled)
Luke – Doctor (Skilled)
Peter – Fisherman (Skilled)
Matthew – Tax Collector / Accountant (Skilled)
Solomon – King (Skilled)
Cornelius – Army!! (Skilled)

Does the bible teach that we should not have a good education & good job? No, it teaches not to store up treasures in heaven, it has nothing to do with further education and having a good job. By the way I have nothing against window cleaners.

2 other noticeable items in this article 1) Why we are not false prophets – maybe the likes of Pastor Tony Brown, and Jason Wright and others have made a lot of noise about this false prophecies and JW’s are starting to read the evidence regarding this and now the Watchtower is trying to make a response. Un-fortunately for the Watchtower there is documented evidence that proves there leaders are false prophets. They have been backed into a corner now, and trying to respond.

The last article is “Preach with Boldness”. Yesterday a few of us stood outside the Jehovahs Witness convention in Leeds. Out of 7,000 people only about 5 where bold enough to challenge us. It’s a pity they are not bold enough to speak to those who are actually going to the see the kingdom because they are born again (John 3:3).

God Bless,


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  1. I am happy to be one of Jehovah witnesses and i look unto jehovah to strenghty me for more success in my spiritual area

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