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What should I say when a Jehovah’s Witness calls on my Door, by Ray Aldridge


Many, including Christians normally do not look forward to a visit from a Jehovah’s Witness, and more times than not, try to find a way to end the conversation as quickly as possible, or even avoid the conversation altogether.

Why is that? Well they are very persuasive, and usually have a slick script to share with you, just like a door to door salesman, and of course it usually is at an inconvenient time, so of course you are at a disadvantage.

But as a Christian, is that the right way to respond? There may be genuine reasons why you would prefer not to talk to them, but perhaps we are missing a real opportunity to disciple to these ones. After all, they are God fearing, well behaved and enjoy discussing about the Bible.

However, of course the problem here is, we may not ourselves be that familiar with the Bible and therefore not able to properly defend our own Faith, or perhaps you are not that familiar with their beliefs, or you simply don’t want to risk being pulled into their Religion.

Whatever the reason, I feel there are ways that we can still strike a conversation that will be effective and really question the witnesses beliefs.

So with over 20 years of being a Jehovah’s Witness, I would like to offer some suggestions on how we can make the most of these encounters.

Before we get into a discussion we need to be aware of a few things that play a very important role in the process

1 Whatever we say it must be in Love

2 JW’s believe a great deal in works, so they will be judging you on your behavior, so we need to ensure we are polite, respectful and impersonal at all times.

3 Be friendly, it is amazing the difference a JW will be once he/she feels comfortable with you. Perhaps make a nice comment about them. Make sure you get their names and you tell them yours.

4 Do not try to argue or come over like you have the truth, or are in any way superior. A JW believes that they are the only ones with the truth, so they will automatically block out any beliefs that are not in line with theirs, as a protective mechanism.

5 Be an “Active Listener”, this is key, provide confirmation back that you understood what they said, or even where possible suggest you understand why they think a certain way. This is based on a tried and tested psychological method to get a positive response from a person.

6 Try to pull out a single point that you feel you could provide a good discussion point, then invite them to come back, that way you can prepare and be ready.

7 Avoid being confrontational, instead express that you find their points interesting and would like to discuss more. Do not talk in the form of “absolutes”, just explain this is what you think/understand.

8 Last but not least, don’t try to win an argument, you just need to sow a seed.

With the above points you are now ready to ask some questions, but please only select a few and ones that you feel are appropriate, based on how the conversation has gone, and what you know of them. Keep it simple noting this is not an ideal forum for a lengthy debate, but rather a platform for a follow up discussion.

Important Note: JW’s generally are uneasy talking to someone that already has a belief, and will try to find any justification to get out of the conversation, which is why it is wise to not say too much on the initial call, and keep to what you are confident is accurate biblically speaking. As soon as they believe you have a strong belief that is unlikely to change, they will act on an elders recommendation to mark your address “Do not call”, and the opportunity is lost.

Also a side note, usually they come in pairs, and it is likely to be a mature witness accompanied by a junior, so do try and get the junior to comment wherever possible.

Now onto my TOP TEN Suggested Questions to ask on the Door:

Q1 What is the main reason why you call on people? Can you describe the Gospel in the Bible?

Follow up with: Can I share with you a scripture 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, and ask what do they think this is referring to? It is unlikely they would have said, this as part of their version of the Gospel. A nice method of approach is to confirm back to them what they said and ask for them to then verbally agree, this way they cannot use the excuse “but that is what I said/meant”.

Q2 Do you believe if someone from reading the Bible turns to God, and wants to give his life to Christ, God will answer him?

They believe that you can only come to truth is through their Org, (Watchtower Organization) so this will be an interesting discussion point, but if the discussion carries on, offer that you would like to discuss more and invite them back.

Q3 How do you think you can be saved?

Follow up with a Question that tries to establish what they mean by that, and what you do in your life that will impact your hope of everlasting life? Then show them Romans 10:9-10 and ask for their comments

Then explain if your salvation is a free Gift, then would it be fair to say, you do not need to earn it. (Eph 2;8)

Q4 Do you rely on the Org to provide you with the teachings of the Bible, and does that mean you fully rely on what they provide in terms of sermons, and literature?

Now ask them, Are they anointed,? Which they will say “NO”, Does that mean they are imperfect and make mistakes? So do you think it is right to put your trust in them, especially over your eternal Life?

Show them the scripture where Jesus says NOT to put trust in man (Jer 17:5) and then ask I thought Jesus way the way, the Truth & the Light? (John 14:6)

Q5 If I became a JW, would I have to obey everything the WT asks of me, even if I don’t believe it is in line with the Bible?

Explain that would that mean we are putting something that is not “inspired” ahead of what “Is inspired”?

Q6 I see you have the NWT, is that the Bible translation of choice? And do you think it is a good version?

This can be quite a delicate point here, so keep it friendly, and explain you use a different version, and it would be nice to compare. Use as an invitation to come back.

Q7 I hear the JW’s talk a lot about what they call “New Light”, can you explain what it means?

Then offer them the point that if “new light” replaces “old light”, where the old light has not been updated but actually replaced, making it now “false”, does that mean that the “Old Light” could not have come from God, as he cannot lie. So how do you ever know “new light” is from God?

Q8 Why does the Org provide many predictions on “End Times”?

Try not to say too much on the door, but if they respond respectfully, offer for them to come back to discuss further.

Q9 Do you have a relationship with Christ? And what do you think the Bible means by this? Do you believe Jesus is our mediator?

Shows scriptures that explain that God is love and through your love of God, you need to be Born of God, and then Christ through his spirit will abide in you, see what they think of these verses. Show that it says this is for “ALL” so would they not be eligible? (1 John 4:7.8 & 5:1) In terms of Jesus being our mediator, show them 1Tim 2:4-6, Heb 7:25,26 & Heb 1:6, and ask for their comments.

Q10 Why do you think the JW’s are the only ones that have the truth?

This is a huge subject and many Witnesses will answer this differently, so pick up what they say and suggest for a follow up discussion.



Please be encouraged that Christ is by your side, so continually speak to him through prayer and ask others to also pray for you.


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  1. Thank you. What excellent, intelligent, knowledgeable advice. I love your points about love – and sowing seeds. Bless you.

  2. Excellent advice, although I am not sure why you would use the KJV or assume your readers would automatically use it. I do appreciate your advice to show love and patience.

  3. Thanks for your kind feedback.
    The reference to the KJV, is only a suggestion, the point here, is to say that you use version “x” and would like to compare with their NWT.I also use their interlinear, so that you can show where these differences are of concern as the appears to be different to what the direct translation offers.There are many ex-Jw sites, including this one to help with your research
    Be careful not to try and prove that their NWT is wrong, but simply show them the differences and ask for their view.

  4. KJV part has been changed to “a different version” just so others dont think we are saying that this is the only version to use. Thanks Ray I know you werent saying it was.

  5. Thank you for this excellent article! I will use your question ideas. The goal is not to convert them. The goal is to make them start thinking for themselves. They are trained not to do that. These are great questions, that can come across as non-confrontational, with the exception of the Bible version one. Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Ray, thanks for these constructive points, I hope many Christians will try some as I will have no opportunity to engage due to me being an apostate! All jokes aside Love is the key. Sow a seed. Take a name. Pray and wait. Unlocking the mind is ultimately a work of the spirit. God bless Jason

  7. I’m glad you shared your thoughts, I agreed with most of them, and I appreciate your help. I will definitely Study more into the verses listed. I once again want to thank you for using KJV, because it Is the one that people should use.

  8. Dear Mr Aldridge,

    I found your article by chance when looking into the JWs.

    I am a practising Jew and my property can be identified as such since it has a Mezuzah on the doorpost. As far as I am concerned, this seems to present a challenge to many JWs and my fellow Jews in the area have likewise been approached. I cannot, from experience, agree with your comment that JWs are uneasy when talking to people with other beliefs.

    JWs know that they will most readily find us at home on the Sabbath and although this is the day of rest for us, they have no hesitation in intruding on this most important day of the week.

    Sometimes I will politely tell them that I am not interested and end the conversation. However on occasion, I have spoken with them. As you say, they always come in pairs.

    First of all, let me say that I am appalled by their ignorance of the Bible. If my 7 year old grandson said some of the things they come out with, I would be upset and alarmed. Amazingly, some of them have insisted that the Old Testament was originally written in Latin or Greek or Aramaic. They have never seen a Hebrew Bible and have no idea of its contents. They seem to blindly accept that the version that they use represents an accurate translation of the original Hebrew script, which of course it doesn’t. Without going into details here, I demonstrate to them that their whole concept of refusing blood transfusions is not only based on a false premise, but show them that the Bible explicitly says that one must to everything possible to save life. This invariably throws them and ends up with the older person coaxing the younger away from my malign influence. If I get the chance I also point out that the “two-witness” rule that JWs use to protect child abusers is again based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the Bible. The only way to know what the BIble really says is to read it in the original langauge.

    I always make the point that I find their attempts to interest me in their beliefs grossly disrespectful. I make no secret of my beliefs and for them to march onto my property, unwanted and uninvited is quite unacceptable.

    I have now been reliably informed by an ex-JW that they keep lists of people that have been called on, and that “blacklists” of people who should not be visited has been created. If this is true then I for one am happy to be on such a list.

    My first encounter with a JW was in 1975 when a young lady came to clean at our home. She was a pleasant and polite person and a good worker. From time to time should would try and engage with my wife in conversations about religious issues; it was clear that she was a rather unsettled person. One day she announced that she would not be coming back. She explained that according to some JW prophecy the world was going to end and she hoped to be saved. She more or less said that we had no chance. A couple of weeks later she returned and tried to brush of the “failed prophecy”. She said that she and her family had given everything over to the JW organization and that very little had been returned. As such she hoped she could continue with her job. Apparently the prophecy was not fulfilled because the world was not ready for salvation – talk about blaming the victims!!

    As you well know the forecast dates of the end(s) of the world are all based on erroneous calculations – or worse. I feel sorry for people that are taken in by such nonsense.

    best wishes


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. We, of course, agree with all you say about Jehovah’s Witnesses. Unfortunately, what you call ‘such nonsense’; governs the lives of these poor people. They have bought into the idea that the Watchtower Society is God’s organisation, and that they alone dispense truth today. This leads to them quickly dismissing ‘facts’ and any other Biblical interpretation. It is our prayer that God would open their eyes and that they would come to have a living faith in Yeshua.

  9. Hi I have just found your website, although I may have come across it before and forgotten.
    Speaking of Bible versions. I used the NIV for decades until it fell apart and then bought a new one. I was shocked to discover it had been changed over the years and that many of the places which could have been used in conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses no longer were of any value. Upon the recommendation of another mature Christian I bought the NASB and find it is excellent – so far.
    When I encounter Jehovah’s Witnesses, very often I ask them to look at their 1985 KIT. (Available online for download from non-JW sources) JWs have an app which allows then to access the notes no longer available on the online version on They know they have the app so don’t be put off with their theocratic war strategy. This is excellent. Depending on the mental acuity of the ones visiting, it is excellent to use Appendix 2A. Here the WTS explains the Christian belief about Jesus. Although they don’t seem to realise that. Truth is hiding in plain sight. They try to use it to explain why it allows them to insert the indefinite article in John1 v1 but it easily can be used to explain that Jesus is ‘God by nature’ and why do they have 2 ‘Gods by nature’ when Scripture tells us there is only one.
    This can be followed up with Strong’s Greek from John 16 v25 ….for context. Jesus tells his disciples that he has spoken in parables but is now speaking plainly. V28 Jesus came forth from his Father – G1831 Jesus literally came forth, like toothpaste out of a tube. What is in the tube is the same as what has come out of the tube, Jesus proceeded from His father which is why he is God by nature as Appendix 2A KIT 1985 has told us. When that is taken forward in ch 17 v3 it is easy to understand why knowing Jesus and his Father are necessary for eternal life. The Son proceeds from the Father and are of the same substance.

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