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The Confusing World of Watchtower Theology JW.ORG: New Light, by Paul Jennings

Paul Jennings of Stockport Evangelical Church gives an excellent presentation here on what has been a very convenient excuse that “The Organization” has given for some very significant and embarrassing blunders that it has made. If you are a witness give this a watch and ask yourself if this really is an organization being led by Jehovah.


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  1. Watchtower leaders claim to be the ” faithful and wise servant ” mentioned in Matt 24:45 . Jehovah uses the Watchtower ( W.t ) as His sole channel of communication through which to teach mankind His truths revealed in the Bible . Thus W.t.publications claim to offer reliable guidance for learning the accurate interpretation of the scriptures . The teachings in W.t. publications are said to be not of human opinion but rather they are Bible based [ W.t. mag 7-1-1958 p 406 ] , that the W.t. magazine has “consistently proven itself dependable ” since it’s first edition [ 1950 NWT p 793 ] , that the W.t. magazine is a ” tremendously dependable source ” because it has ” never once ” misled anyone [ 6-1-1984 p 12 ] that the Lord uses the W.t. magazine to aid His people to understand scriptural truth [ 1936 Yearbook p 63 ] , that the teachings in W.t. publications have been “tested”, approved , by God as being safe ( accurate ) and then served by Him and Jesus to His people via the Watchtower organization [ W.t. mag 8-1-1950 p 231] .

    When the W.t’ s teaching track record is examined it reveals a PATTERN . It’s a pattern of unstable doctrines , vacillating on important teachings , that rank and file members of the W.t. organization have little idea of how extensive it really is . It renders the above claims of providing consistent reliable doctrinal correctness to be simply false advertising . A wise person can not allow the Watchtower to be their guide .

    Watchtower leaders have claimed to be Jehovah’s prophet a ” modern day Jeremiah ” [ W.t. mag 1-15-1959 p 40 ] .
    But an examination of W.t prophecies reveal it to be false prophet led organization because predictions concerning the years 1799 ; 1874, 1878, 1881; 1914; 1918; 1925 have all proven to be in error .

    The W.t. correctly understands that today a prophet is a teacher , and that a false prophet is one who introduces teachings that are not faithful to what is taught in the Bible [ W.t. mag 5-15-1930 p 154] . The W.t. is a proven false teacher . It’s teaching track record reveals that very fact .

    A short list of important doctrines which were claimed by the W.t. to be Bible based truth but which were later changed for something different :

    – Jesus is NOT Michael the archangel [ W.t. 11-1-1879 p 4 ]
    – Jesus has two natures , human and divine [ W.t. Oct 1880 p 3]
    – it’s proper to display the cross because ” the cross of Christ is the great pivotal truth of the divine arrangement from which radiates the hopes of men ” [ The Harp of God 1928 p 142 ]
    – Adam benefits from the ransom and will be resurrected [ W.t. 10-15-1920 p 316]
    – Jesus is NOT acting as mediator for the church [ W.t. 10-15-1921 p 308 ]
    – It is proper to worship the Father and the Son both [ W.t. 7-15-1898 p 216 ; 10-15-1945 p 313]
    – those who comprise the “great crowd ” are also a heavenly class [ Vindication v3 p204]
    – Jesus’ body mentioned in Matt 26:26 refers to the Christian congregation [ W.t. 3-15-1954 p 174]

    – the Great Pyramid is ” the Bible in stone ” , but years later the Great Pyramid is taught to be ” Satan’s Bible ” [ W.t. 3-15-1911 compared to W.t. 11-15-1928 p 339 ]
    – members of the great crowd class are called ” Jonadabs “, they do not bear the official name i.e. “Jehovah’s witnesses” , but they are companions of Jw’s [ W.t. 8-15-1937 p 250 ]
    – the ” faithful and wise servant of Matt 24:45 is Charles T. Russel [ W.t. 3-1-1923 p 68 ]
    – organ transplants are liken to cannibalism [ W.t. 11-15-1967 p 702 -704]
    – the angel of the abyss in Rev 9:11 , Abbaddon / Apollyon is Satan ( now he is said to Jesus ! [ The Finished Mystery p 159 ]
    – the office of the holy spirit as an advocate, comforter , and helper , ceased after 1918 [ Preservation 1932 p 203

    Many more examples could be shared .

    What do W.t leaders say about others (who exhibit the same behavior as they have) ? Here’s one example :
    ” The Fundamentalists … their claims or teachings are contradictory and inconsistent , showing
    that they are deceived and do not represent God … IF THEY WERE GOD’s REPRESENTATIVES, THEN THEIR TEACHINGS WOULD BE IN HARMONY WITH GOD’s Word AND WOULD BE CONSISTENT .” [ The People’s Friend 1928 p 50-51 ] .

    Remember the old saying , ” the pot calling the kettle black ” ? The above quote shows that the W.t. is indeed the pot calling the kettle black !

    Needless to say Watchtower leaders have had to devise alibi’s to to escape being discovered as an unreliable guide . One alibi is play word games .Words such as ” adjustments ” or “refinements ” are utilized by the W.t. in order to soften and down play the problem ( and of course there is their often used abuse of Prov 4:18 ) . Unfortunately most rank and file members of the W.t. organization fall for these type of clever excuses .

    These words games remind me of how seasoned politicians will often use certain words in order to down play controversies they are guilty of .
    It also reminds me how U.S . officials fearing a public backlash over some of the interrogation methods being viewed as torture on enemy captives at Quantanamo detention camp used the phrase ” enhanced interrogation techniques ” instead of ” torture ” to the press .

    W.t leaders have a lot of power to lose if rank and file members think to long about the dismal teaching track record and then do the right thing and leave the W.t. false prophets behind , by doing so those in the W.t. organization will be showing loyalty to Jehovah . They can then trust Jehovah to aid them in a study of His Word . He will help them .

    God’s word describes what has been going on in the W.t. organization for a long, long time :

    ” …. forever changing our minds about what we believe because someone has told us something different , or has cleverly lied to us and made the lie sound like the truth .”
    [ Eph 4:14 The Living New Testament ]

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