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Tony Brown on Apologetics 315



Our very own Tony Brown  was recently interviewed on the Apologetics 315 Podcast. This is an excellent ministry that gives Christian Apologists from all over the world a chance to share their heart for reaching out to lost people and why they do what they do. Tony excellently explains his background on why he seeks to reach out to Jehovah’s Witnesses, and also some helpful pointers for when you encounter them yourself. 

The episode can be found at the Apologetics 315 website here. Or you can listen to it on this page below. 

In case you did not know we also have our own podcast, please search for us on itunes by typing in UK Partnerships for Christ, where you will find this episode and other things we have done. 

Also I (Bobby Gilpin) have been on Apologetics 315 talking about my heart for reaching Mormons, you can find that episode here.



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