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Taking the Michael, Is Jesus really an Angel?

Happy New Year Everyone, we have a lot of great things planned for the coming year but to start it off here is an excellent poem by our friend Lucy Markell, asking is Jesus really Michael?


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  1. Great job Lucy .

    The Watchtower’s spirit creature Michael is not Jesus Christ . Jesus is more special than a archangel because all angelic creatures properly render worship to Jesus — Heb 1:6 .

    This is yet another doctrine that the Watchtower has shown to be inconsistent about . The Watchtower wants everyone to accept it as the sole reliable guide to use in gaining a accurate understanding of what the Bible teaches , yet an examination of it’s teaching track record reveals a pattern , a pattern that suggests confusion about important Bible doctrines .

    The teachings in Watchtower publications claim to be spiritual food from Jehovah and not the opinions of men [ see W.t. 7-1-1958 p 406 ] . The 1936 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses , p 63 stated :

    ” No human creature is entitled to any credit for what appears in The Watchtower . All honor and credit is due to the Lord . Jehovah God and Christ Jesus are our teachers , and every one who reads The Watchtower rejoices in the fact that the Lord is pleased to use that magazine to aid his people in understanding the truth . ”

    These claims ring hollow when one looks at what the Watchtower has taught as ” Bible based ” truth :

    At one time the Watchtower taught that Jesus was NOT Michael ! [ W.t. magazine 11-1- 1879 p 4 ] .
    The Watchtower book , The Finished Mystery ( p 188 ) taught that the interpretation of Rev 12:7 where it mentions ” Michael ” was that Michael in that verse was the Pope !

    Going further:
    In the book of Daniel it states that Michael is ” one of the chief princes ” ( 10:13 ) . Thus for many years the Watchtower taught that there are archangels among God’s heavenly angelic family [ W.t. Dec. 1882, p 3 ; the W.t. book , Creation p 19 ; also W.t. 4-1-1932 , p 105 ] .

    Yet now the Watchtower teaches that there is only archangel — Michael . [ What Does The Bible Really Teach ? p 218 ] .

    Such doctrinal vacillation concerning a fundamental teaching of the Bible is a red flag that something is wrong , and in this case the Watchtower’s claim to be a consistent reliable guide to use in understanding the Bible is what’s wrong , it’s an erroneous claim .

    The Lord Jesus Christ is not the Watchtower ‘s spirit creature Michael , He’s much more special and unique than that .That’s the Bible’s testimony .

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