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An Invite to Teesside University

Teesside Cu



Hi all, this is just a post to invite those in the Teesside and surrounding areas to 2 sessions I am teaching on reaching Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Both of these groups are active in their outreach at Teesside campus and other universities around the UK . For example in Middlesbrough the Jehovah’s Witnesses have noticed there is a large amount of Chinese students and so have been learning the language to reach them. This is very admirable and is an example to Christians, however these groups are teaching a counterfeit gospel and a message that does not save.

These sessions are primarily for students to help you be prepared if you come across these groups or if your non Christian friends come to you asking about them. I will be going through what their core beliefs are and what is a respectful loving Christian response. However all are invited, here are the times and dates. They also link to the Facebook events.

Saturday 25th January 10am to 12pm Session on Mormons.

Saturday 1st February 10am to 12pm Session on Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The exact room has not been booked yet so please meet outside the students union at 9:45am, or contact me on the contact details to the left of this post. There is no charge to come.

This ties in well with one of my real ministry goals this year, which is to connect with Universities around the country and put sessions on like this for them. If you are at another University or involved with student work and are interested please get in touch.



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