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Review of the new “creation” article in January 2014 awake


So often when “new light” comes through it comes un-noticed. Thanks to Maurice & Carol Wright who are part of the same church I attend, and fellow ex-Jehovahs Witnesses for picking up this Awake and pointing out this article.

They got it from one of these new literature trolleys that seem to be appearing in every city. This is one I saw in Lincoln.

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Anyway….this article is about creation. According to traditional Watchtower teaching, they believe that each day in the days of creation in the Genesis do not actually literally mean a “day” they mean a certain amount of days. Here is a brief quote from a Watchtower of 1970 :- “it is therefore reasonable to conclude that each of the other six “days” also was a period of 7,000 years. This length of time would be ample for all that the Bible tells us took place on each of the six days of creation”.

If you would like to read the full article then go 1970 15th of February Watchtower under the sub-heading “The Days of creation from Gods view”.

I love this quote as well from the same 1970’s Watchtower :-

“However, many in Christendom, in particular the so-called Fundamentalists, insist that the days of creation mentioned in Genesis, chapter one, were just twenty-four hours long”.

From the Christian perspective, fundamentalist has traditionally referred to any follower of Christ who believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and who believes in its literal interpretation and fundamental teachings. The fundamental Christian believes in the experience of the “new birth” which occurs when faith is placed in Christ as Savior and Lord. – “What People Ask About The Church,” by Dale A. Robbins

Forgive me Watchtower for being one of these Fundamentalists….I figured being a Fundamental Christian was the best kind of Christian to be, because I read the bible as it comes. So when God says he made the Earth in 6 days, I believe he means 6 days. When it says that Jesus is God (Matthew 1) I believe it meant it. When he says his grace is enough for us (Ephesians 2:8) I believe he meant it. Why would God inspire his writers to record this and then say “well I know it says this…but really it means something else”. Are some of these things hard to explain? Yes, but why are questioning God? Does he not have the power to create universe in 6 days? Does he not have the power to come to the earth as Jesus Christ, whilst still also being in heaven as the Father? Does he not have the power to completely forgive you of your sin? Good questions for Jehovahs Witnesses.

This new article found in the January awake article called “Creation” tells us a very different story of how the Watchtower view creation. The opening of the article begins :-

God created the universe, including the earth, in the indefinite past—“in the beginning,” as Genesis 1:1 says. Modern science agrees that the universe had a beginning. A recent scientific model suggests it to be almost 14 billion years old.

The Bible also describes six “days” of creation. However, it does not say that these were 24-hour days. (Genesis 1:31) In fact, the Bible uses the word “day” to refer to various lengths of time. For example, it calls the entire period of creation “the day that Jehovah God made earth and heaven.”

So they agree with “science” that the earth is 14 Billion years old!!! At no point to they disagree with this statement.

Science claim that it can carbonate to accurately prove how old the earth is, and the Watchtower side with them…have they heard of a little account called “The Flood?”. You can not carbonate that far back and agree there was a flood!!!! If you would like to know more about the accuracy of carbon dating I recommend a CARM article on the subject :-

It goes on…

The false ideas of creationists could lead you to dismiss the Bible altogether. On the other hand, if the Bible actually contains a credible account of creation, you stand to benefit from its storehouse of “practical wisdom.”

The false ideas of Creationists could lead you to dismiss the bible altogether???? What???? I would love to offer a comment to this statement, but I have no idea what to say.

The problem is that with the popularity of the likes of Richard Dawkins and Dave Silverman, I believe they are just trying to appeal to a larger audience with these types of claims.

The article continues:-
“Did God use evolution to create life on earth?
The Bible does not specify how much variation can occur within a kind, as might result when animals within a kind interbreed and adapt to their environment. While some view such adaptations as a form of evolution, no new kind of life is produced. Modern research supports the idea that the basic categories of plants and animals have changed little over vast periods of time”.

I am not sure what to read into this. On the one hand I agree the species have changed to adapt their environment (glory to God and his amazing design), however in the context they say the earth is 14 billion years old, and would this not support evolution????
Reading this article I am not 100% sure whether or not the Watchtower is trying to claim evolution is true, but one things for sure this is “new light” coming through the Watchtower. I certainly have never heard them say that the Earth is 14 Billion years old. The other thing that is for sure is that they are trying to appeal to science believers, and while I believe we should be “all things to all men” (1 Corinthians 9:19-23 ) we never compromise truth, and the fact is that the Watchtower is quite happy to do this if it means getting more members.

The issue here is that they just can not accept the bible as it reads, why not?
Psalms 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. I have sworn and I will confirm it, That I will keep Your righteous ordinances. I am exceedingly afflicted; Revive me, O LORD, according to Your word.
Many Christians (true Christians) have died preserving the word of God and many even today risk their lives to get bibles into countries where it is band. Why not just read the bible for what it says, it is much easier that way to know what our almighty Father is trying to say to us that way.


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  1. Excellant article. I found a couple of similar references in “Life How did it get here by Evolution or Creation 1984 edition” on pg. 8 it reads “Scientific creationists…claim that the earth is only 6,000 years old and that the six days were each only 24hrs long. But does such an idea accurately represent what the Bible is saying”? Then on pg. 26-27 “The hebrew word yohm allows for periods much longer than 24 hours…evening and morning in Genesis chapter 1 does not limit the meaning to a literal 24 hours…it would seem reasonable that the days of genesis could have embraced long periods of time – millenniums.”

  2. Are you confusing the discussion about the age of the earth with the age of the universe? The 13.8 billion years isn’t how old the earth is, it’s how old the universe is. The earth, in the current scientific view is much younger: 4.5 billion. Not that it makes a lot of difference here, but in the interest of accuracy, it’s worth keeping those distinct. Also, carbon dating does’t work for aging the earth, and nobody says it does. It’s about dating life-remains only a few thousand years old.

  3. I don’t see any “new light” in this article. The only thing they have done differently than in the past is not mentioning the length of the creative days as being 7,000 years each. But nothing in the article excludes that, either. All it says is that the six creative days were “long periods” – certainly 7,000 years qualifies as a “long period,” especially when contrasted with a single 24-hour day.

    As for their acceptance of micro-evolution (adaptive changes occurring within “kinds”), this has been their position for as long as I remember. Noah was able to fit all the animals on the ark because he took only one of each “kind.” For example, the Watchtower has long taught that Noah would only have had to bring one pair of dogs on the ark. All modern dogs, from dachshunds to St. Bernards, would have, effectively, “evolved” (though they wouldn’t call it that) from the two dogs that Noah rescued.

    They are being a bit more coy about their beliefs than in the past, especially in the public magazines, but I don’t see anything here that represents an actual change in doctrine for them.

  4. I think as well that the various old earth ideas that are held by many do have significant credibility. A ‘literal’ view of any literature can be misleading and most of us recognise a range of literary genes in scripture. Otherwise we wd believe god has wings! rides a chariot etc. here are some links to non young earth and 24 hour day evangelical sites. On this issue I think the WT are choosing not to pant thier flag on creation v evolution in the way they have done before. I was talking to a JW pioneer that visits me last year. He said ‘we don’t believe that stuff anymore’ .. I said to him but the organisation have always said each day is 7000. He looked at me in that way which says ‘no we never did, we never change our beliefs’. But he thought better of it, so some

  5. Following on from my last post… Something seems to have happened but not sure what!!!

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