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Jesus God’s Heretic – The Back Door To the Deity of Christ, by Keith Walker



I just finished listening to this talk by Keith Walker from Evidence Ministries and just had to share it. Keith presents what to me is a whole new way of communicating the deity of Christ to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Like many others I have my favourite proof texts for witnessing encounters, however Keith goes right through many sayings and situations of Christ to show that Jesus has to be God. In my experiences Witnesses are well prepared for the “proof texting method”, however Keith here using full passages in context shows that the Deity of Christ is written all over the gospels, really outstanding stuff.

And if you are a Witness, what do you think?

The audio is also available below if you prefer that.


WNFJ2013 – Jesus God’s Heretic – The Back Door To the Deity of Christ

(left click to listen, right click save link as to save.)




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  1. Absolutely superb, and just when I had all teh verses to hand on this Subject, Keith had really surprised me and in teh way he has carefully unpacked the significance in each one ,

  2. I’ve listened to this presentation a few times and took notes. Seriously! I have half a notebook full of notes, which I’ve researched (by way of my Bible) .

    The reason JW’s are able to make a ‘doctrinal pretzel’ out of so many Christians is that we are not well grounded. I’ll give JW’s this credit; they provoke me to to dig deep into the BIBLE ( Not WT publications) .

    I was actually given two volumes (Insight on the Scriptures) because my JW friends have it on their ipads. SADLY, JW’s are encouraged to go to their publications rather than the BIBLE as their final authority. They will DENY this, but I’ve seen it, first hand. I’ll admit to feeling utterly inadequate to dealing with the way the WT / JW.ORG twists scripture . Their explanation on John 20:28, 29 is mind-boggling and jaw-dropping! The entire New Testament is JESUS and yet they don’t see Him. That is, they are lead away from the REAL Jesus by their spiritually blind ‘leadership’ .

    Keith’s presentation is worthy of many viewings, with pen and notebook nearby. Likewise, the book <Putting Jesus in HIS Place by Robert Bowman is a gold mine of vital info, written in a people friendly presentation!

    • Amen! Thanks for your comment and keep reaching out in love <

      • You’re welcome! While I have you here may I ask your help on a text a JW friend is trying to use to make it appear as though Jesus was created. She pointed out Proverbs 8: 22, 23, 30 . I don’t buy it but the way vs. 30 (even in a proper Bible ) is phrased seems to lend credibility to their position. I’m sure I’m missing something. How have you answered JW’s on this issue?

        Thanks in advance.

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