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Jehovah’s Witness Conventions Coming Soon, Hope To See You There!



We will be at the Leeds convention on Saturday 23rd August and the Coventry one on Saturday 30th August. For more info please contact Jason on the email address in the video or leave a comment.


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  1. On the convention they will talk a lot of being Christian and a lot of their “bible” NWT.

    But there is minimum two problems with the above claim.

    On NWTs title page reads: “Careful conjunction with the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek ‘original text’.”

    1) They can not explain their theology justification through “the Christian Greek Scriptures.”
    question: How can they claim they are Christians – their theology is not found in “the Christian Greek Scriptures”
    Ergo “Christian” isn’t in accordance with the truth

    2) ‘Basic Text “= Original text, does not exist in any of the languages, we have only Copies.
    Ergo ‘Basic Text’ isn’t in accordance with the truth

    And the above is only on the title page of their “bible” NWT

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