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Outreach to Jehovahs Witnesses Coventry 2014

So the UKPC team where at it again on Saturday this time at Coventry Ricoh arena. Thank you so much for 15 other Christians that joined us for the outreach. As oppose to writing a blog, I have done vlog regarding the event, hope you enjoy.

Blessings in our Lord,

Jason T


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  1. It’s telling me that the video is not available?

  2. there is a problem with the video on certain apps, but works fine from my desktop. Anyway well put together. For me there were 2 highlights (1) Meeting up with my JW Friend Frank who has been to one of our EX-JW For Christ events and was able to speak with him on the talks covered and his understanding of his Faith, It came to a point where he said if I could convince him that the Trinity is Biblically true he will become a true Born again Christian !! (2) while discussing some interesting points of my Faith, a couple of JW’s were listening in, so I changes gear a bit and really spelt out the issues with the JW beliefs and wht the Bible really says in order to become saved, I hope a seed has been sown
    Brilliant work Jason Bless Ray

  3. Great video Jason,
    Your t-shirts that asked the question “Would Jesus shun people?” are so true, He would do the complete opposite (as you said) namely leave the 99 sheep to go after the 1!

    Who knows? Maybe you’ll have an even bigger group next year from people who attended the convention because they started to read the Bible not the Watchtower.

  4. The JWs are free to defend their faith. However, arguing with an apostate is casting your pearls before swine as Jesus said. When arguing with someone we consider an apostate we are engaging in foolish and ignorant debates. (2 Tim 2:23). Talking to JW opposers is like talking to a wall. You’re not listening to understand you’re listening to make a response. So what’s the point? Pontus was not a Christian and Jesus and he kept silent at times when speaking to him. I don’t listen to the not debating part. I’ve always won a debate against any Christian.

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