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Lesson 13 – Jehovah will help you to be bold

Become Jehovah's Friend

In the last couple of years the Watchtower has turned its attention to the children within its ranks. Realising the ‘world’ in which their children are living is changing rapidly, the Watchtower decided to make child friendly resources, videos, songs and activities.

So the Watchtower website: now has a children’s section entitled ‘Become Jehovah’s Friend’. Here is a review of the video ‘Jehovah will help you to be bold’.

As the animation begins there is a young girl, Sophia, travelling on the school bus and we see her hiding a book, when a young boy, Timmy, asks her what she was reading.
Why was she trying to hide what she was reading from her school friends? Was it the Bible that she was reading and that is why she was afraid? Was she afraid that people would laugh at her because she was reading God’s Word? No – she was afraid that people would see her reading a Watchtower publication entitled ‘Learn from the Great Teacher’.

‘Learn from the Great Teacher’ is pretty standard fair. It is a Watchtower tool used to introduce children to the same kind of errant non-biblical theology, that all their material promotes. Quite early on in the book there is a chapter entitled ‘God has a Name’ which says:

Who would you say is the most important person in the whole universe?— Yes, it is God. Do you think that he has a name?— Jesus said that He does. Jesus once said in prayer toGod: ‘I have made your name known to my followers.’ (John 17:26) Do you know God’s name?— God himself tells us what it is. He says: “I am Jehovah. That is my name.” So God’s name is JEHOVAH.—Isaiah 42:8. (p.26)

Leaving aside the fact that there is not a single verse to prove that Jesus ever used the name Jehovah, nor can the name Jehovah be found anywhere in the Greek text of the New Testament, there is a great emphasis on God’s name being Jehovah in this video.

Be Bold

The animation continues with Sophia seeing an upset girl in her class, and she takes WT material out of her bag to give her, but she doesn’t because her friends are watching. Sophia is then shown being upset on the bus journey home because she hadn’t taken the opportunity to give away the WT material. Sophia tells her mum that Zoe was distraught because her grandma had died, but she was afraid to tell Zoe about Jehovah.

The Watchtower is all about its publications. In the mind of the JW, the Bible and WT publications are synonymous. The Watchtower claims that their magazines and booklets are ‘bible based’ but what appears biblical to the undiscerning, is blatantly unbiblical to those in the know.

At this point Sophia’s mum sits her down and tells her the biblical story of Namaan the Leper, which can be found in 2 Kings Chapter 5. Though the story she tells her daughter is the basic outline of Naaman as found in the Bible, there is a fair amount of ‘Watchtower’ licence, which is used to reinforce the false name Jehovah.

For example, as Sophia’s mum tells the story we are told and shown the following:

The young girl must have been scared to tell Naaman about JEHOVAH
There is a scene where the girl says to the other servants that JEHOVAH could heal their master, but the girl is rebuked by the idol worshipping servants.
Then it cuts to a scene where Naaman’s children come running shouting ‘Daddy, I want to see daddy’, but their mum keeps them away as ‘daddy is sick’.
Then we see the young girl looking guilty for NOT sharing about JEHOVAH so she prays to JEHOVAH.

All of these are additions to the Biblical text, but are used to uphold the erroneous teaching that Jehovah is God’s Name.

She then finds the courage to tell Naaman’s wife about JEHOVAH the God of Israel and how his prophet can heal her husband. The next scene shows a jubilant and healed Naaman returning to his excited family.

All this because this little girl was brave and told them about JEHOVAH.

The video shows Namaan saying to the little girl that he now knows ‘there is no other God anywhere except JEHOVAH’ The NWT actually has Naaman saying to Elisha (not to the girl) “Now I know that there is no God anywhere in all the earth but in Israel’ (2 Kings 5:15)

The lesson for Sophia, and all the children who watch the video, is clear – If you want to be Jehovah’s friend, you need to give out WT literature to your friends, and by the way Jehovah will be with you.

The video continues with Sophia’s family ‘acting out’ the classroom scene to help Sophia be confident in sharing her Watchtower literature. This scene no doubt prepares children for what is to come when they are older – role playing publishing situations.

Sophia putting what she has learned into practice goes to school and gives out literature to her school friends. Success!

As the video comes to an end, there are a number of images of children giving out a variety of literature to friends and adults.

Yes children, if you truly want to be Jehovah’s friend don’t give out Bibles or mention the name Jesus, just give out Watchtower publications. This will please Jehovah and prove that you love Jehovah. This says the Governing Body!

The video can be found here.

If you want to know how to truly become a friend of God click here.


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  1. Many thanks for this post Tony, most enlightening.

    I watched the WT video with mixed emotions. On the surface we are presented with enough “truth” to make the message plausible. By that I mean “Boldness to witness about God” – However amidst the truth is plenty of poison. Several points stand out for me.

    1) The promotion of WT literature and teachings through indoctrination of children.
    2) The fundamental error in equating Jehovah of the WT with YHWH of scripture. They are essentially two different Gods.
    3) No mention of Jesus or the Gospel.

    These are but a few of the errors. In light of scripture what does the little girl really offer the grieving friend? Was she sharing the Gospel of salvation? (1 Corinthians. 15:1-4). No she was offering a WT publication that promises its readers that all the dead will get a second chance to live eternally in Paradise on earth. This doctrine – as we are aware – is alien to scripture.

    Worst still is the title of the publication this Video promotes; “Learn from the Great Teacher” – a publication that promotes Jesus as only a “man” nothing more nothing less. Again a blasphemous book that fails to recognise Jesus true identity, viz. YHWH incarnate (Isaiah 40:3; John 1:23). It is deeply upsetting to see such propaganda robbing young children of their relationship with Jesus our LORD.

    A candid analysis of the video reveals it is not “trust of Jehovah” that achieves the goal of speaking to her classmate (as the video suggests) but rather it is role playing, WT literature and the cocoon of WT life that actually forces the child to, “talk about Jehovah”. If the girl had not managed to speak to her classmate then the WT “guilt” card would have been played until the girl had acquiesced.

    I was deeply disturbed by this “guilt” tactic used in the video. The message was “If you don’t talk about Jehovah you should feel guilty, but don’t worry this is how you can avoid guilt”. Let me be clear God does not motivate his children through guilt! Guilt is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Guilt is an evil demoralising emotion which add’s a heavy burden to JW’s, and in this case to innocent children.

    I pray that Christian children who speak about Jesus do so because they love Jesus and lost souls, not because of any outside fear or guilt of betraying God. Yes we all need boldness, but this video I believe will be a “heavy burden” for many JW children causing untold emotional damage.

    Let us pray for all JW children; “LORD JESUS – in the power of your name and for the sake of your name; hear our prayer. Please rescue innocent children trapped in the web of WT doctrine. Draw them to yourself by the Holy Spirit. May the children of JW’s turn upon scriptures that reveal who you really are and how much you love them and want them with you eternally (John 17:24) LORD please deliver them from this evil organisation, according to your will and purpose. AMEN, AMEN!”

    Thanks again Tony
    God bless

  2. Pastor Tony , thanks for another great article .
    Jason W. , you made some very good comment . You said about this Watchtower (W.t. ) . children’s video:

    ” However amidst the truth is plenty of poison .”

    That is true about the content of W.t. publications — there’s some truth but too much error .

    Concerning the issue of becoming a friend of God I’ll make some comment :

    The W.t. would be fast to remind people that not everyone who calls God ” Jehovah ” is necessarily His close friend .
    But the W.t falls into the same type scenario because even though it know’s what the Bible teaches about how to be come God’s friend that therefore it’s members actually do have His approval for receiving a personal relationship / close friendship with Him . But sadly, Jw’s are only fooling themselves , because amassing a lot of information about God does not necessarily mean they have truly been accepted by Him . To be accepted by the Father , to gain a right standing with Him as a close friend is received only when sinners comply with His new arrangement , and this arrangement centers on Jesus .

    The Father’s new arrangement is to come to Jesus — Jn 5:39-40 . It’s meeting Jesus personally, and this happens when sinners ask him for pardon of sins –Mk 2:10 ; 1 Pt 2:24 . When that happens a personal relationship with the risen Savior commences , and the Father is then pleased to accept such persons as they have thus complied with His new arrangement . It’s through Jesus , through directly meeting him , that is the “way” to the Father — Jn 14:6 .

    Paul as a devout Jew understood God’s arrangement for becoming God’s friend . People in the Old Testament arrangement could become personally acquainted with Jehovah and have a friendship with Him , and like all friendships it consisted of communication with Jehovah by calling upon His name , i.e. praying to Him — Psalms 116:14 .

    Paul complied with God’s new arrangement by meeting Jesus and surrendering to him . Paul gained a personal relationship / friendship with Jesus and it commenced when he prayed to Jesus — called upon his name — Acts 22:16 . Stephen had such a relationship with Jesus also and at the end of his life prayed to Jesus — Acts 7:59 .
    Sadly, the Watchtower has detoured it’s members from the Father’s will by teaching them that prayer to Jesus is not proper Christian behavior .

    Christians pray to the Father in Jesus name , and they also get to converse with their risen Savior when they choose to because a personal relationship with both the Father and the Son lies at the heart of the Christian life — 1 Cor 1:9 ; 1 Jn 1:3 .

    Jesus , wants to be the friend of those in the Watchtower organization — Jn 15:14 . By complying with the Father’s new arrangement they can be . Until then they are not a close friend with the Father .

    My prayer for members of the W.t. organization is that they dismiss the W.t. from their lives . Then they can not be hampered to accept the Bible’s truth about how to become a close
    friend of God , and come to experience the same friendship with Jesus as well . Then their
    children will learn from them the truth . What a special day that will be .

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