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The NEW Jehovahs Witness Online TV Channel – Review


So for all the pop’s Watchtower have had over the years about TV Evangelists…

 True, religion still seems to prosper in the United States, where a more emotional sector of the populace is exploited by TV evangelists and religious psychologists. Yet, even some of these materialistic charlatans have recently been unmasked and disgraced. Religion appears to flourish in the Republic of Korea, where Christendom’s churches have become deeply involved in politics. Evidently, Babylon the Great, although “fallen,” is still functioning. – Watchtower May 1st 1989

For all the times they have said about how bad the internet is…

Also, one experienced Internet instructor pointed out that surfing the Internet “can be one of the most addictive and time-intensive activities for a new Internet user. – (Check out the whole article of the Awake July 22nd 1997 under the title) “Do you really need the internet?”

Well apparently now you do! The Watchtower organisation have have launched there own Online TV Channel which is to be used along side As you may be aware they are making a big push to get people on As most ex-Jehovahs Witnesses will know come Thursday night service meeting their is usually a demonstration as to how to present the most up to date Watchtower and awake – however now there presentations are all about showing people and how to navigate around it.

TV.JW already has lots of content so it is difficult in one post to be able to go through everything, so I just wanted to do a quick video review on the opening video to tv.jw.

Hope you enjoy!


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