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Jehovah’s Witness: Will you die in your sins?


I think Jim Gourlay in this short video puts a serious point across very well. I wonder if any Witnesses can give a reasonable answer to this?


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    Short and to the point… and irrefutable? Who do you say that Jesus Christ is?

  2. Jim Gourlay brings asks a very interesting question , i.e. Jehovah’s witnesses ( members of the Watchtower Society) could very well die in their sins . Now W.t. members will be surprised at such a thing because they have been led to believe they are “in the truth ” concerning a right standing with Jehovah . After all they know God’s name , they must emphasize it , and they are striving to keep God’s laws , they are His people , they alone know how salvation is received .
    In all this W.t. members are not unlike the Jews in Jesus’ day . Sadly those Jews failed to recognize God’s new arrangement for gaining His approval and receiving salvation , or else when they heard the new “way” which was God’s new arrangement they rejected or ignored it .
    God’s new arrangement centers in Jesus . Though God’s name remains important it is the name of Jesus that is now what is to be emphasized — Acts 1:8 ; 4:12 ; 8:35; 9:15. But for those Jews who rejected Jesus’ invitation at Matt 11:28 , they clung to Isa 43:10 and remained “Jehovah’s witnesses ” .

    Let’s look at how serious this is :

    For the Jews to hear what Jesus said to them in JN 8:24 must have seemed shocking , likewise when W.t. members hear that they have not complied with the Father’s new arrangement for forgiveness of sins and receiving a right standing with Him that also must be shocking news . But there is more to receiving a close friendship with God and salvation than merely knowing God’s personal name and living a moral lifestyle by striving to keep what they have been told are His laws .

    Jn 8:24 is the bad news the Jews were told but Jn 5:39-40 is the good news the Jews were told .
    Same for members of the W.t. organization today .

    Jesus is the “way ” to the Father . Only through Jesus — through directly meeting him — asking him for pardon of sins ( Mk 2:10 ; 1Pt 2:24 ) can sinners be accepted by the Father — Jn 14:6 . But ignoring interaction with Jesus ( Matt 11:28 ) is to reject the Father’s will and try to gain His approval for a close friendship and salvation another “way” .

    Paul , a Jew , well understood how a personal relationship with God and receiving salvation was gained . He knew the scriptures (O.T.) and understood about prayer to God — he called upon His name . See Psalms 116 : 1-6 . See also Zech 13:9 ; 1 Kings 18:24 .

    When Paul met Jesus it commenced a personal relationship with the risen Savior . Paul had discovered God’s new arrangement , and thus prayed to Jesus — called upon his name . Acts 22:16 . Paul now became numbered with those who had also discovered the Father’s new arrangement and thus had a personal relationship with Jesus . These had come to Jesus to be their personal Savior and they became close friends with him through prayer , which is a
    vital part of a true friendship — Acts 9:14.21; 1Cor 1:2 .

    What about members of the W.t. organization ? Sadly , by listening to their leaders , they have not learned what God’s new arrangement is , or else if they have heard it they rejected it out of fear . In doing so they have succumbed to the same error as the Jews in Jesus day . They have both stumbled over Jesus . Though W.t. members talk about Jesus , claim they “follow” Jesus , they still ignore him because their leaders have told them that prayer to Jesus is not proper Christian behavior . Thus they have no personal relationship/ friendship with the risen Savior . Tragically , that means the Father can not accept them as His friends .That means they will die in their sins , having not complied with the Father’s new arrangement since they’ve rejected Jesus’ invitation at Matt 11:28 to come directly to him first . The Father is still drawing sinners to meet His Son personally — Jn 6:44 . In the N.T. it says to ” believe in Christ ” , that means to trust him as one’s Savior — it’s very personal , not just head knowledge , it’s to know him personally like friends know each other etc . Christians pray to the Father in Jesus’ name . They also get to experience sweet invocation with a living Savior who cares for them .The Christian life is to have a real fellowship with both the Father and the Son as we walk down life’s road — 1Cor 1:9 ; 1Jn 1:3 .

    May members of the W.t. organization come to discover God’s new arrangement soon and join all those who have been washed clean by the blood of Jesus and can really call Jesus and the Father their close friends — Jn 15:14 ; Jn 14:23 ; Eph 1:7 ; 1Pt 2:24 .

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