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When Jehovah’s Witnesses Meet A Real Christian.


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  1. That was a very well done video and the Christian gentleman was very articulate in witnessing to the two Jw. men on his porch . I personally don’t use that same format when witnessing to a Jw. if it is an extended conversation . I think that once we open the Bible with a Jw it soon will turn into a verbal volley ball situation , one verse after the other etc. I personally think that given that the Jw’s final authority for their beliefs is not the Bible but rather it’s Watchtower publications and so I like to use the fact that the Watchtower simply can’t be trusted to be a consistently reliable guide in providing a correct interpretation of the Bible . I tell Jw’s I am leery of who wants to be my guide in teaching the Bible to me .Then I share why I can’t trust the W.T. to be that guide by looking at it’s teaching track record . Only when a Jw can admit there may be something wrong with following W.t. teachings through it’s publications will a Bible study be really fruitful with them . This is my opinion .

    On the doorstep when I only have a short period of time to leave the Jw’s with a nugget of truth I usually ask them about if they have a personal relationship the Father , they say “yes” . I then ask them what makes it a personal relationship ? Being thankful and being able to tell the Father how grateful they are for what He has done for them plays a major component in their answer . So then I ask them if Jesus has done anything important for them , and ask them if they spend time in prayer actually telling Him how greatfull they are, like for dying for them etc .
    Their answer is that they are not allowed to pray to Jesus , so I ask how can they claim to have a personal relationship with Him if they don’t communicate their feelings to Him , they don’t praise Him etc ? I close with reminding them about if anyone wants to know the Father personally then they must comply with His arrangement by coming directly to Jesus — Matt 11:28 . The Father accepts all who come the proper “way” to Him — Jesus is the way — Jn 14:6 . A very intimate /personal friendship with the Father is thus commenced when sinners come to the Savior , Jesus will hear their prayer and forgive and the result bycomplying with the Father’s arrangement is to then discover that the Christian life is one of experiencing daily personal fellowship with both the Father and the Son as we travel life’s road — 1Cor 1:9 .

  2. Turn away from baptism?

    “Lightning sounds while quoting John 5”

  3. I could watch that all day long!

    My approach is similar to Mike R who has commented here.

    When I am approached by a Watchtower Follower, I tell them I was taught a LONG time ago to be very discerning about WHO I listen to for spiritual guidance. I tell them that a very good barometer of whether or not I can trust someone is based on their level of INTEGRITY!

    I tell them I run things through my 1 Thes 5:21 Meter!
    “but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is true.

    Then I tell them that among those I have “checked out” based on the Apostle Paul’s admonition to “check all things” the Watchtower Society proved to be EXTREMELY biased, even to the degree that they have been TOTALLY MISREPRESENTING the sources they quote in their publications, in an attempt to gain “seeming” support for their doctrines. When they ask “what are you saying? You must be mistaken, I launch into my “Should You Believe In The Trinity” Booklet presentation and show how they have TOTALLY MISREPRESENTED all their sources (Ante-Nicene Fathers) on page 7 for beginners….


  4. Man. I’m not a JW but that man took all the bible quotes out of context. For example, everything in the parable of the sheep and the goats is figurative but when it comes to the the fire it must be literal right? Pshhhhh

  5. He was wrong on so many levels. When he was quoting Zec 12:10 “They shall look to ME whom they have pierced and that shall morn for HIM”. Why don’t these pronouns not align? Because the ME is mistranslated. I have an interliner in front of me and the word translated ME is really ONE”. Now they fit.
    And he is taking a parable of the sheep and the Goats which is figurative and made parts of it literal. I wish i could witness to him.

  6. Chris,

    You said , ” Man . I’m not a Jw but that man took all the Bible quotes out of context .”

    Do you really believe he took all the Bibles verses out of context that he shared with the two Jw’s ?

    Some of the verses he shared were : Jn 1:1 ; 1 Cor 15:1-4 ; 2Cor 5:17 ; Phil.2;10-11; I Jn 5:20
    Did he misuse those scriptures ?

    I’m just wondering how you would have witnessed to those two Jw’s , what scriptures would you have used ?

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