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Do only 144,000 Go To Heaven? (Part One)

In this three part series, Dawn ExJW explains why the Watchtower Society’s 144,000 doctrine is not Biblical. Part Two will be posted tomorrow.



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  1. Dawn, that is the clearest presentation of the true gospel of salvation as it applies to Jehovah’s Witnesses that I have ever heard. There is nothing in those three parts to offend them, because you are using only the Bible and quoting directly from their own literature. I pray God will use this presentation to help Witnesses realise they should not be excluded from the new covenant, and that they too can be born again and adopted into God’s family.

    Only one question – is there a transcript of the three videos? I couldn’t take down enough notes or quotations and I would dearly love to have the whole thing in writing so I can use it later.

    God bless you for reaching out to the Witnesses in Christian love. I was brought up from birth as a Witness but left the organisation in the 1970’s. Praise God he healed me and brought me to saving faith in Christ Jesus 20 years ago.

  2. Hi Greytower,
    Thank you. I really do aim to present information which helps Jehovah’s Witnesses and doesn’t offend them.
    I do have notes even if not a full transcript. I can make these available to the owner of this site.
    God bless you,

  3. Clear precise and well put, nicely explained, thank you I particularly appreciate the fact that it is not dismissive of witnesses and uses their own bible and literature, making it accessible to JW,s and other denominational christians alike 😊

  4. Thank you Dawn for these series of videos. I was held captive to this religion for over 30 years and only just now ( with your help) can I see where my future really lies. Peace and blessings to you in our Lord’s name.

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