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Reaching Out to Jehovah’s Witnesses Event 2016

Ball Green

What a blessed day I had at Ball Green Church in Stoke! Pastor Tim Leech invited me to talk to his congregation about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Tim has been having a Jehovahs Witness Elder come over his house for a number of weeks, and felt it would be a good thing to get our ministry over to his fellowship to see how the church can reach out to Jehovahs Witnesses and show them the gospel.

Although I have done one of these seminar’s before, I have freshened it up with some new videos and slides including the organisations new characters “Caleb and Sophia”.

I hope you enjoy the video, and don’t forget – if you would like any of us to come to your fellowship to talk on this subject or on Mormonism we can do this. Please contact us.

Thanks again to Ball Green Church for your hospitality and for Dean for nagging his Pastor to have us!

Blessings in Jesus.

Jason Thickpenny

MP3 Download (right click, then click save link as to save)



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  1. Jason the scriptures you refer to as Jesus being worshipped cannot really be used as in the NWT they are still translated as obeisance. At revelation 5:13-14 the NWT has to retain worship as the elders are worshipping both the Lamb and the One sitting on the throne. Also verse 13 shows the Lamb was not created as every creature (something created) addresses both the Lamb and the one sitting on the throne.
    In the interview outside the convention I suggest you add subtitles as the dialogue is difficult to hear. Continue the good work, I too have been visiting churches in and around the area where I live doing the same kind of thing.

    • Thanks Mike, unfortunately time did not permit to go through the new world translation, however I did highlight on the day that it would be be a good idea to get a kingdom interlinear so you can actually highlight the mis translation, also if you use the kgv or American standard they actually put both on The video was being played with the original behind it, hence tricky to hear. Have you got a website or a link to your church website?

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