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A Plea To All EX Jehovah’s Witnesses

November 20, 2015

So you’ve left the Jehovahs Witnesses behind, you love your family but you have seen the lies of the religion….. Hooray I’m free! You are now left at the crossroads, where do you I go from here in terms of my career? Where do I go and make friends? Should I how celebrate Christmas? Is… Read More ›

An Appeal To Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses’s Who Are Now Atheists Or Agnostics, By Jason Wright

An appeal to ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses’s who are now atheists or agnostics by Jason Wright Do not worry – I’m not out to attack your beliefs. I just want to make an honest “appeal” to all ex-JW’s who have (at this time) opted for an atheistic or agnostic position to take another look at the possibility… Read More ›