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Review of the new “creation” article in January 2014 awake

February 18, 2014

So often when “new light” comes through it comes un-noticed. Thanks to Maurice & Carol Wright who are part of the same church I attend, and fellow ex-Jehovahs Witnesses for picking up this Awake and pointing out this article. They got it from one of these new literature trolleys that seem to be appearing in… Read More ›

Watchtower Publications Review, February 2014 by John Tancock

AWAKE has an article on Spiritism and one a little different on the subject of Constantine. The Constantine article doesn’t mention the Trinity but focuses on his shortcomings and the alliance of Church and State . It is relatively mild compared to some WT articles on this topic.  The Watchtower  though has a range of… Read More ›

Awake – Magazine May 2013

T H E B I B L E ’S V I E W P O I N T – THE NATURE OF GOD In the May 2013 edition of the Awake Magazine, there is an article entitled ‘The Bible’s Viewpoint – the Nature of God’. It begins:   WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS: The Bible describes… Read More ›

Awake Magazine Review – September.

Hi all here is some commentary from Jason Thickpenny looking at the latest issue of the Watchtower published Awake magazine online.