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Should we read the Bible without the Watchtower?

August 30, 2014

The Watchtower (WT) interestingly believe that their beliefs/teachings are completely in accordance to the Bible and that the Bible is their only source of truth, which is a great start, yet ironically they ask every follower to avoid reading the Bible on its own, but rather follow the Bible based on what the WT interprets… Read More ›

Who do You follow in order to be close with God?

As a Christian did you ever stop and ask yourself, Who am I following? Do I feel free in my faith? Is God with me? Do I free trapped? Do I really believe that for whatever reason, I could just simply walk away from my faith and there would be no consequences? As most of… Read More ›

August Our Kingdom Ministry – Review

Our Kingdom Ministry – August 2013 The kingdom ministry is a publication solely for Jehovahs Witnesses. In this edition it will tell them about up and coming events, what they are currently offering in terms of Watchtower literature, and help give them advice on how to preach. As a Christian who specialises in evangelising to… Read More ›