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J.F Rutherford and the date 1925 by Jason Wright

July 19, 2014

In this study we will be investigating the date 1925 in Watchtower Chronology. How was the date arrived at? Who believed in this date? What was expected on this date? Do modern day Jehovah’s witnesses uphold this date? These are some of the questions we will explore. The overall goal is to ascertain if 1925… Read More ›

Bible Questions Answered

Bible Questions Answered THE WATCHTOWER AUGUST 2014 The Watchtower claims to follow only ‘What the Bible Really Teaches’ and therefore it answers questions from readers using Scripture. But as we can see from their response to the question: Do all religions honour God?, they insert the Scripture references, but fail to actually quote the Scriptures… Read More ›

C.T. Russell and the date 1878 by Jason Wright

 C.T. Russell and the date 1878. If you are or have been a Jehovah’s Witness then the date 1914 will be burnt into your psyche; Jesus Christ returned invisibly in 1914. This repetitive mantra of the Watchtower society is foundational to Watchtower doctrine. However it is important to understand that had you been a follower… Read More ›

Watchtower teachings regarding 1914

If you are reading this, chances are you are a Jehovah Witness or involved with them somehow. You may believe that you have the truth and you believe the Watchtower teachings regarding 1914. Every person should be able to find out for themselves what is truth :- Feb 15th Watchtower 1955, Page 125 Paragraph 25:… Read More ›

Watchtower Magazine Review – January 2013

Honest Mistakes or False Prophets? The January 2013 Watchtower magazine’s cover asks the question: ‘Should you fear the end of the world? In the aftermath of the ‘failed’ Mayan prophecy, The Watchtower has decided to address a topic with which they have much history ‘The End of the World’. The article asks: How do you… Read More ›

The ‘Generation’ Game

For many years the Jehovah’s Witnesses were taught that the ‘generation’ that witnessed the events of 1914 would still be around to see Armageddon. Of course as this group of people got older, and it appeared that ‘the end’ was not in sight, the Watchtower was forced into a u-turn. In 1995 the Watchtower removed… Read More ›

Progressive Revelation and Jehovah’s Witnesses – by John Stickland

Having claimed to be God’s sole channel of truth to mankind on the earth, but with a record of years of failed prophecies and contradictions of teaching, the Watchtower today stands facing a crisis of credibility. For some years however, to try to explain the failure, the verse of Proverbs 4:18, which is comparing the… Read More ›

Notable Prophecies of the Watchtower (2) – by John Stickland

The failed prophecies of the Watchtower organisation since it’s setting up have concentrated on the date of the coming Armageddon, heralding the return of Christ. This event they believe will include the destruction of the existing Christian church and the setting up of a paradise – the destiny for those who have been faithful to… Read More ›

Notable Prophecies of the Watchtower (1) – by John Stickland

The Watchtower organisation claims to be God’s sole channel of communication to the world today, and also His appointed prophet. Reference to this is made in a number of their publications – in particular their claim to be Jehovah’s prophet is recorded in the Watchtower issue of 4/1/1972 page 197. Their history shows however that… Read More ›

1914 by VIcky Gilpin

This article is about 1914 and the significance of this date to the watchtower society and those who listen to their teachings, the Jehovah’s Witnesses. To understand the significance of this date and the teachings around it, we need to look at what the Watchtower Society said about this date before and after 1914. Firstly… Read More ›