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Reasoning from the Scriptures Review “The Return of Christ” by Jason Wright

May 14, 2014

  Reasoning from the Scriptures Book Review – “The Return of Christ” Introduction In this study we will be investigating the Watchtower Societies (W.B.T.S.)[1] unique teaching on the “Return of Christ”. I will begin with a brief introduction to Watchtower doctrinal history concerning this subject, followed by a critique of the WT publication, viz “Reasoning… Read More ›

Resurrection and Jehovah’s Witnesses – by John Stickland

Current Watchtower doctrine is that nothing survives of any person after the point of physical death. This is made very clear in their rather misnamed publication ‘ What Does the Bible Really Teach’. On page 58 of this book we read ‘When a person dies, he ceases to exist’. This is further confirmed on page… Read More ›