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A Plea To All EX Jehovah’s Witnesses

November 20, 2015

So you’ve left the Jehovahs Witnesses behind, you love your family but you have seen the lies of the religion….. Hooray I’m free! You are now left at the crossroads, where do you I go from here in terms of my career? Where do I go and make friends? Should I how celebrate Christmas? Is… Read More ›

An Appeal To Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses’s Who Are Now Atheists Or Agnostics, By Jason Wright

An appeal to ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses’s who are now atheists or agnostics by Jason Wright Do not worry – I’m not out to attack your beliefs. I just want to make an honest “appeal” to all ex-JW’s who have (at this time) opted for an atheistic or agnostic position to take another look at the possibility… Read More ›

What if I want to leave the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

For whatever the reason you have decided to leave a particular faith/religion, is it that simple that you can just leave and carry on with your life without any consequences? For a current Jehovah’s Witness this is a particularly interesting question, and we are going to explore why. To answer this question, let’s firstly look… Read More ›

Who do You follow in order to be close with God?

As a Christian did you ever stop and ask yourself, Who am I following? Do I feel free in my faith? Is God with me? Do I free trapped? Do I really believe that for whatever reason, I could just simply walk away from my faith and there would be no consequences? As most of… Read More ›

Review of the FAQ’s on

Like most corporate organisations the Watchtower have an FAQ section on their website I was interested to see what questions they would put on here and indeed what response they have. After going through all of these you can clearing see that what they paint on there website is very different to what actually… Read More ›

Thinking of leaving the Witnesses? By Ray Aldridge

Leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses – Practical guide to next Steps There is not a lot more daunting in one’s life than to consider leaving from somewhere you been for many years, whether it is leaving a Company that you have worked for, a club, or if you are religious, leaving your church/religious group. When you… Read More ›