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The Bible or The Watchtower?

January 31, 2016

It is often said by Christians that we should admire Jehovah’s Witnesses for their zeal in sharing what they believe, this is true. It is sometimes also said that we should admire Jehovah’s Witnesses because they teach from the Bible, and the Bible alone, this is not true. Under the subject heading: ‘You can understand… Read More ›

New World Translation (Revised 2013) Review by Jason Wright

The New World Translation (Revised 2013) Review by Jason Wright I must admit at first glance I was impressed with the quality of this Bible. It follows the same handy size format as the previous edition, has a soft pliable cover, nice embossing, slick Bible aids including charts, maps etc. overall a clean, sharp and… Read More ›

The New World Translation (Revised 2013) Review

  There are many Bibles that have extra learning aids like Timelines, Word Studies, Chain References, maps etc. and these are usually a good thing. They are there to help you understand the Bible better, to aid you in your research and to make you a more informed student of God’s Word. The revised New… Read More ›

Looking at the New Edition of the New World Translation – By John Tancock

Known as the silver sword because of its colour, this is not an update it is a new translation. With a new translation philosophy and approach. We will look at various features of this edition and make comments from more than one perspective.   THE bare facts.   Sturdy but soft grey cover, with the wording… Read More ›