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The Bible or The Watchtower?

January 31, 2016

It is often said by Christians that we should admire Jehovah’s Witnesses for their zeal in sharing what they believe, this is true. It is sometimes also said that we should admire Jehovah’s Witnesses because they teach from the Bible, and the Bible alone, this is not true. Under the subject heading: ‘You can understand… Read More ›

Uncovering the Hermeneutics and Methodology of the Watchtower by Jason Wright

Uncovering the Hermeneutics and Methodology of the Watchtower Society By Jason Wright Introduction  Did you know that when you read a newspaper, hear a story or analyze an event, you employ the art of hermeneutics (interpretation)? Our interpretation of life, how we make sense of each day, stems from our world view (metanarrative). Consequently, each… Read More ›

Should we read the Bible without the Watchtower?

The Watchtower (WT) interestingly believe that their beliefs/teachings are completely in accordance to the Bible and that the Bible is their only source of truth, which is a great start, yet ironically they ask every follower to avoid reading the Bible on its own, but rather follow the Bible based on what the WT interprets… Read More ›

Leeds Jehovah’s Witness Outreach 2014

   Leeds Jehovah’s Witness Outreach 2014 For the second time as a ministry we attended the Leeds convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses to reach out to them and challenge them from a biblical perspective. It was wonderful that so many other people came to join us. Janet Fowell who only came out of the Watchtower in February of… Read More ›

Read The Bible Not The Watchtower

  To someone who is an active Jehovah’s Witness this may seem like a strange title. After all you spend a lot of your time on a weekly if not daily basis asking people if they would like to go through a “Bible Study” with you. A common fact you will often share with people… Read More ›