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Do only 144,000 go to heaven? (Part Three)

May 5, 2016

In this final video, Dawn Ex-JW shows that all true believers are in the New Covenant, with Jesus being their mediator. Advertisements

Do Only 144,000 Go To Heaven? (Part Two)

Dawn ExJW continues to share why the Watchtower teaching, that only 144,000 go to heaven, is not supported by the Bible.

Do only 144,000 Go To Heaven? (Part One)

In this three part series, Dawn ExJW explains why the Watchtower Society’s 144,000 doctrine is not Biblical. Part Two will be posted tomorrow.  

All Should Partake

If you are reading this, first of all thank you for visiting this website. As a Jehovahs Witness April 3rd 2015 is one of the most important nights in the calendar for the year. When the emblems come by you this year what will you be doing? “Since sharing in the bread and wine passed… Read More ›

The Jehovah’s Witness view of being “Born Again” & the doctrine of the “144,000” by Jason Wright

The Jehovah’s Witness view of being “Born Again” & the doctrine of the“144,000” By Jason Wright In this essay we will examine the Watchtowers interpretation and teachings on being “born again” and the doctrine of the “144,000”. If you have ever discussed either of these subjects with a JW you will know how debates can… Read More ›