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The Name Jehovah – by Jason Wright

January 12, 2015

The name Jehovah By Jason Wright Introduction As the above Watchtower magazine highlights the name “Jehovah” is by far the most important name used by adherents of the Watchtower Society. For a Witness the name Jehovah identifies the true God whom they worship and is superlative to all other names of God. Furthermore, Witnesses believe the… Read More ›

New World Translation and the Name Jehovah.

Hi there please enjoy this excelent article from a friend of mine looking at the Jehovah’s Witnesses constant use of the name Jehovah for God and if this is the correct name to use for Him, please comment with your thoughts after. Where did the name Jehovah come from? Most scholars believe the name “Jehovah”… Read More ›