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Jehovah Witnesses – How to open their eyes to Truth by Ray Aldridge

January 21, 2014

God’s Organisation Question If the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society are God’s Organization? We need to ask if this is true. Surrounding Info Watchtower April 1st 1972: “Jehovah has a prophet that he is using, it was identified as a body called the Bible Students of God and later was renamed God’s Faithful & Discreet… Read More ›

The Jehovah’s Witness view of the Holy Spirit. By Jason Wright

When I came to research the JW view of the Holy Spirit I first went to their official website After scrolling through various “bible” topics I was quite amazed that the Holy Spirit as a subject was nowhere to be seen. I thus resorted to their publication “Insight on the Scriptures Volume 1” and… Read More ›

Gods active Force, by Vicky Gilpin

Gods active force? Is the Holy spirit a Force or a person? Here’s the Watchtower (Henceforth WT,) argument… WT When Mary, the mother of Jesus, visited her cousin Elizabeth, the Bible says that the unborn child in Elizabeth’s womb leaped, “and Elizabeth was filled with Holy Spirit.” (Luke 1:41) Is it reasonable that a… Read More ›