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Do people get a second chance?

July 4, 2016

Can people be saved beyond death? What does the Bible teach? Last week I saw two Jehovah’s Witnesses standing by their magazine cart. I decided to approach them and ask them a question. The question was ‘I am not a Jehovah’s Witness, so what will happen to me when I die?’   The answer I… Read More ›

Reaching Out to Jehovah’s Witnesses Event 2016

What a blessed day I had at Ball Green Church in Stoke! Pastor Tim Leech invited me to talk to his congregation about Jehovah’s Witnesses. Tim has been having a Jehovahs Witness Elder come over his house for a number of weeks, and felt it would be a good thing to get our ministry over… Read More ›

Do only 144,000 go to heaven? (Part Three)

In this final video, Dawn Ex-JW shows that all true believers are in the New Covenant, with Jesus being their mediator.


  Happy New Year!  For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified… 1 Cor.2:2 Happy New Year everyone! Have you made any resolutions? Most people resolve to improve their health, improve their finances, perhaps learn something new or spend more time with their family.  Of course… Read More ›

A Plea To All EX Jehovah’s Witnesses

So you’ve left the Jehovahs Witnesses behind, you love your family but you have seen the lies of the religion….. Hooray I’m free! You are now left at the crossroads, where do you I go from here in terms of my career? Where do I go and make friends? Should I how celebrate Christmas? Is… Read More ›

UPFC Coming to Wales

Hey there all, just to let you know that I am speaking at Hill Park Baptist Church, Haverfordwest at Wales, on Tuesday 3rd of November. The event starts at 6:30pm, and I will be giving a couple of sessions on Jehovah’s Witnesses, looking at their core beliefs, how they think, and how we can share Jesus… Read More ›

An Invite to Teesside University

    Hi all, this is just a post to invite those in the Teesside and surrounding areas to 2 sessions I am teaching on reaching Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Both of these groups are active in their outreach at Teesside campus and other universities around the UK . For example in Middlesbrough the Jehovah’s… Read More ›

An Event worth Attending

Tony Brown on Apologetics 315

  Our very own Tony Brown  was recently interviewed on the Apologetics 315 Podcast. This is an excellent ministry that gives Christian Apologists from all over the world a chance to share their heart for reaching out to lost people and why they do what they do. Tony excellently explains his background on why he seeks… Read More ›

What does the bible really teach? – Chapter 16 review

Take a stand for true worship In the last chapter the Watchtower showed how they demonstrate that they are the true religion. Now they are going to press home that they are the only ones who truly worship God. The 3 questions they are going to look out for are:- What does the Bible teach… Read More ›