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The Bible or The Watchtower?

January 31, 2016

It is often said by Christians that we should admire Jehovah’s Witnesses for their zeal in sharing what they believe, this is true. It is sometimes also said that we should admire Jehovah’s Witnesses because they teach from the Bible, and the Bible alone, this is not true. Under the subject heading: ‘You can understand… Read More ›

Jehovah’s Organisation: The Grand Illusion by Jason Wright

Jehovah’s Organization: The Grand illusion A study of “Organization” as it relates to the Watchtower Society and and the Church by Jason Wright   This essay will begin by defining the word “organization” as it relates to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (WBTS), and the Christian Church. The questions raised include: Do the scriptures reveal… Read More ›

Bible Questions Answered

Bible Questions Answered THE WATCHTOWER AUGUST 2014 The Watchtower claims to follow only ‘What the Bible Really Teaches’ and therefore it answers questions from readers using Scripture. But as we can see from their response to the question: Do all religions honour God?, they insert the Scripture references, but fail to actually quote the Scriptures… Read More ›

The Watchtower June 2014 Publications Review, “What is God’s view of Smoking”? by Ray Aldridge

  This topic is one that puzzled me for many years when growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness, because my Dad was a heavy smoker, but wanted to learn about God and potentially be blessed as a Christian, in this case specifically as a Witness. But what sadly is not covered here is the Organisation’s… Read More ›

Publication “Review” February 2014 Watchtower “The War that Changed the World” by Jason Wright

The February 2014 Watchtower is emblazed with two pictures of the Brandenberg gate in Berlin. The main picture is recent showing people enjoying a sunny summers day, the other picture, superimposed over the main one, shows WW1 German troops marching out to war probably due to embark on trains for deployment along the Belgian border…. Read More ›

Review of the new “creation” article in January 2014 awake

So often when “new light” comes through it comes un-noticed. Thanks to Maurice & Carol Wright who are part of the same church I attend, and fellow ex-Jehovahs Witnesses for picking up this Awake and pointing out this article. They got it from one of these new literature trolleys that seem to be appearing in… Read More ›

Watchtower Review November 2013 – How can we maintain a waiting attitude?

How can we maintain a waiting attitude I guessed from the title of this article of the Watchtower, they are going to come up some reason as to why everyone has been waiting so long for Armageddon. After all it has been nearly 100 years since the “last days” begun! From paragraph 1 we get… Read More ›

Watchtower Magazine Review, November 2013

The Watchtower magazine study edition November 2013 has an article entitled: Seven Shepherds and Eight Dukes – what they mean for us today? It considers the verse “We shall also have to raise up against him seven shepherds, yes, eight dukes of mankind.”—Micah 5:5 (New World Translation); looking at historical context and any possible application… Read More ›

Looking at at the September Watchtower publications, by John Tancock.

For this review I read through the study edition of the Watchtower, I skimmed the ‘for public’ edition as well. For readers interest I was in Lusaka Zambia in my hotel room doing this review. Zambia has the largest percentage of Jehovah’s Witnesses of any reasonable sized country.  They are pervasive is large chunks of the… Read More ›

July 2013 Watchtower Publications review. By John Tancock.

The WT for this period seems particularly ‘feisty’, with the cover headline ‘Should you trust religion’? The picture is of some kind of probably health and wealth or word of faith preacher sporting a cross on the lapel of course. ‘Some people find it hard to trust religion because of past disappointments’ it says! Learn… Read More ›