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What does the Bible really teach? Chapter 19 Review – Remain in Gods Love

October 12, 2013

Chapter 19 review – Remain in Gods Love So this is it! The last chapter in the book. They are hoping at this stage you are already baptised and now this is the advice for remaining in God’s love. The first thing in paragraph 2-3 is to “trust in God” – Amen! However when you get… Read More ›

What Does The Bible Really Teach? – Chapter 18 Review

Baptism and Your Relationship With God The whole book really has been leading up to this, what the Watchtower wants to do now to baptise you. They open with talking about the Ethiopia and quote Acts 8:26-36. The book asks the question “What prevents me getting baptised” the Watchtower has the answer. Lots of knowledge!… Read More ›

What Does The Bible Really Teach Chapter 17

Draw close to God in Prayer New Religious Movements, of which Jehovah’s Witnesses are one, use Christian terminology and so, to the uninitiated, they sound like Christians. This chapter uses Scripture and talks about a Creator to whom we direct our prayer, all very obvious stuff for those who claim to be Christian, but we… Read More ›

What does the bible really teach? – Chapter 16 review

Take a stand for true worship In the last chapter the Watchtower showed how they demonstrate that they are the true religion. Now they are going to press home that they are the only ones who truly worship God. The 3 questions they are going to look out for are:- What does the Bible teach… Read More ›

What does the Bible really teach? Chapter 12 – Living In a Way that Pleases God, by Ray Aldridge

The Chapter starts by asking 4 key questions 1 How can you become God’s friend? 2 In what way does Satan’s challenge involve you? 3 What Conduct displeases Jehovah? 4 How can you live in a way that pleases God?   Taking point 1 the Chapter tries to answer this question by asking what qualities… Read More ›

Worship That God Approves – What the Bible really teaches Chapter 15

The question is asked: How can we identify the true religion? This is a question that demands some serious thought. There are many religions all contending that they have the ‘truth’, but which one is true? The Watchtower Society makes the claim that they alone are the true religion, so this post will seek to… Read More ›

What does the Bible really teach? Chapter 14 – How to make your family life happy.

The opening sentence of this chapter says: ‘Jehovah God wants your family life to be happy’. Of course this is true. I offer this link below, which shares the story of a former witness and her experience of family life in the JWs. I am not saying that Mary’s story is the norm amongst the… Read More ›

What Does The Bible Really Teach? – Chapter 13 Review

CHAPTER THIRTEEN A Godly View of Life So the Watchtower in this book has taught you that you can go to paradise, that you can see your loved ones again and how we are living in the “last days” so soon you can have these things. Now in this chapter they are going to talk… Read More ›

What does the Bible really teach? Why does God allow suffering?

Chapter 11 of What does the Bible really teach? tackles the difficult question of Why does God allow suffering? The Watchtower offers three reasons for the existence of suffering in the world. The Devil The Fall The Absence of Jehovah Do you know why people make the mistake of blaming God for all the suffering… Read More ›

Review of Chapter 10 of the What does the Bible really teach book

Spirit Creatures—How They Affect Us So we have learned what Jehovahs Witnesses teach on God & Jesus, now we are going to go through what they teach regarding spirit creatures. A lot of this chapter I would agree with the Watchtower in terms of its teaching regarding the role of Angels and wicked spirits. I… Read More ›