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This page is to help you see that people do leave the Witnesses and come to a solid faith in Christ, whether you are a Christian and you want to know that this actually happens, or are you a Witness that thinks you are all alone in your doubts and issues with the organization, I hope this page helps.






Jason ThickPenny Testimony

(left click to listen or right click and save target as to download)

If you would like to contact Jason with any questions or comments you have please feel free to email him


Below Jason Wright, Jenny Wright and their children Jordan, Joel and Jasmine share their experiences being in this religion the good parts and the bad, in an interview with Jason Thickpenny.  

This video is the testimony of Ray Aldridge who was in the Witnesses for over 20 years.


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  1. Dear Brother Jason, I constantly praise the LORD when I hear of Ex Jws coming to HIM.
    Thirty seven years ago I became a born again Christian through reading the NWT, I used to run a ministry like yours, I know Vince MCann, Bill and Julie Blackmore and many other Ex JWs, We used to have many Ex Jw meetings in London, Birmingham, Wales, Rotherham. Liverpool, we used to witness outside Manchester city’s old ground, Blackburn Fc where I was physically assaulted. Leeds FC. I was the most hated Christian in Liverpool by the JWS. I moved to Cumbria about 20 years ago, and about 15 years ago I gave most of my JW and Mormon materials away, I found that My Christian life was stagnated by all the Cult work I was involved with. I needed to rest, and GROW in Christ. I have never lost my love of witnessing to them and now. I got more involved in witnessing to ordinary people and helping Christians in Moldova, where I have been many times. Please contact me when you next have a meeting I would love to come.
    I have still have video’s and audio cassettes of some of these meetings. Plus many cassettes of Ex Jw meetings from america.
    Thanks for your Testimony very moving.

    Blessings in Christ Our Saviour.
    Tom O’Donnell.

    • Hi Tom…..6 months late in replying!! Either I missed the the notification or I did not get one! Thanks for your message its great to hear from you. I will make sure you are aware next time we have a meet up. Jason

  2. Hi Jason, you can find my testimony at


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